A little help please

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Jul 22, 2005
Timonium, MD
OK, so Ive been on this site for a while and I've learned a lot. I know I want moly in my oil. My problem is why? So here's my question, what does moly do and what is it good for? If anyone has a few minutes, could you tell me about the stuff in the oil and what it is for. The things like moly, but there are others. I see things like PAO, POE, PTFE, ect...ect...ect... What do these things do? What do they help? I realize all this is common knowledge around here, but I am dying to know. I did try a search, but it seems almost every post mentions these things and I could not find defintions of them. All knowledge is welcome, thanks in advance, Marc
Here's a "moly primer" It's an AW (anti-wear) additive. Look for a BITOG achronyms sticky on several of the forums at the top. It will tell you a few things. Hit up the front page BITOG and look down the left side. Start there. PAO, POE are synthetic components of oils. PTFE is teflon (Slick 50) and doesn't belong in an engine.
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