AitLift 1000 spring helpers - squeak help!

Nov 24, 2003
Middle of Iowa
Installed a set of these, part number suggested by Air Lift for my specific model, to help with rear end sag while loaded.

I have used the AirLift 1000 on two previous family cars with rear coil springs...a Saturn Outlook, and a Buick Regal TourX. They worked GREAT on both of those cars...firming up the rear spring rate, and helping with sag - especially while loaded for family vacation.

For some reason this time when installed on the Kia, they are squeaking like crazy! AirLift says it can't possibly be the air bags, and it is another suspension component making the noise...but it is clearly the air bag. Even when aired down to 5 psi, the ride height is OEM, and the squeaking is worse.

I didn't loosen or take off a single component other than the tires to install the system.

No matter the pressure, I get the squeak...the lower the pressure the worse it is. I assume this is due to more suspension movement with less assistance.

I tried silicone worked for 1 day, then it was as bad as ever. I tried Goo-Gone to clean them...better, but still bad. I tried simple green to clean effect.

I am going to have to pull them off if I can't find a cure. Thoughts? I hate a saggy rear end ;-)
I put them on my Sienna a couple years ago. They used to squeak over bumps but now that I think about it I haven't noticed a squeak lately. I usually leave them pressurize between 5 and 10 PSI. And when I wash the vehicle I hose off the bags underneath the van.
Try silicone grease between the bags and where they ride on metal. Won't affect the rubber in the bags like petroleum grrase. Just buy some dielectric grease if you can't find a tube labeled silicone grease. The grease will last a LOT longer than the spray.