98 Dodge Stratus 2.4L

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Apr 28, 2003
Katy, Texas
I enjoy helping my friends change their oil.....can't u guys tell?

My friend has a 98 Stratus with the 2.4L engine. It has 98K miles and he is taking this vehicle to Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. It will be driven 20 miles every day. It is an 8 hour drive there. The owners manual states 10W30 from 0F to over 100F with 5W30 well below 0F and up to 100F. He has been using 5W30 since he purchased it but he has been using the incorrect viscosity for the temperatures that Chrysler recommends. Should I keep him on 5W30 or move him up to 10W30. It rarely, if ever gets below zero up in the panhandle. It gets close but I don't recall a time where it has.
I am a thin oil fan, having retrofitted my 77 truck to 5W-30. But then it mostly sees short trips in a climate with far more 0 than 100 degree days. Unless he plans going skiing every weekend all winter, I would go with the 10W-30.
my buddy has a gutted drag neon with a 2.4 stratus swap in it. he uses 20w50 and runs that thing hard like a chainsaw.

no problems yet on 20w50. this may not be ideal for normal driving though.

Originally posted by cryptokid:

no problems yet on 20w50. this may not be ideal for normal driving though.

Understatement of the day

We have had great luck using 5W-30 in two Stratus and a Cirrus. My two friends have used 10W-30 in their Stratus'. The engines really don't seem to be fussy about either. If their is more heat, the 10W-30 will stay more in the 30wt grade than most 5W-30 oils, which generally shear down to 20wt's. I also think that engine has larger tolerances, where a 10W-30 may be the best bet.
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