5w20 a better oil?

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Even if it shows better specs, we all know from looking at many UOAs on here that sometimes the specs don't show how good an oil really is. Those with great technical data might not show good UOAs, and vice versa.
Totally agree. I poised these same questions when I first signed on. Result: got to do a UOA to see what's going on to get a better "feel." I was worried about our new car using the Quak. State 5W-20, did a UOA and posted it here and sought replies, and got some. Oil actually held up pretty good. This was dino version changed every 3K, oil could have made it to 4K according to the oil guru's. One thing I have learned since being on this board, EVERY engine will behave differently with different oils. Seems like the trick is to experiment with oils and then do a UOA and find the happy medium. I mean, it only cost 20 bucks for the analysis. Pretty cheap if you can get the right combo and prolong your engine life and extra 100K or so. Hate to say it, but I'm really leaning towards the 0W-20 Mobil 1. It's almost a low 30 weight by specs and seems to do rather well on the UOA's. I have been a dino man since I was can rememeber. [ July 17, 2003, 09:37 AM: Message edited by: Schmoe ]
One thing worth considering is that the oils that meet the Ford WSSM2C153H spec are by nature a tough oil and many if not all are blended with group III oils. The Motorcraft in particular has put up some good UOA numbers.
In general, I'd be willing to say that the 5w20's are generally of better basestocks and quality just because they have to be by the nature of the Ford spec. Ford took the API's specs and made a few of them tougher - thus the "minimum" bar was raised. Now, not all oils are bare bones minimum formulations, but having a higher hurdle to clear isn't a bad thing! As to being better at lubricating an engine as a result, well, that depends. Its good in some, bad in others, only way to tell is UOA...
Interesting article in new "lubes & Greases" I quote from article titled Rising tide, "group III base oils set to surge" "For starters they are too lightweight for medium and heavy grade motor oils. "You can't even make a 10W-30 or 15W-40 using most currently available Group IIIs, You need a substantial portion of heavier GroupII or Group I in the mix." However, Group IIIs do work well in increasingly popular 5W motor oils and are the only alternative to poly alpholefins on 0W oil." I think a lightbulb just went off.
I can go into my local WalMart and buy a quart of 5w-30 API SL for 88 cents. The cheapest 5w-20 is $1.81. Even within the same brand--Pennzoil Multigrade, for example-- the 5w-20 sells at a 30 cent premium to the other grades. Mobil 1's 0w-20 has more moly and boron than the other grades. The Ford spec that many of the 5w-20s meet is much tougher than API SL and these oils must have more expensive ingredients to meet the spec.
What oils do meet WSS-M2C153-H requirments? I haven't seen a Mobil 1 product that meets it (maybe its 0W-20, but I can't find it anywhere!). I'd like to go synthetic (mobil 1), but The closest I can find it 5W30. Will this work or should I stay with Motorcraft...I guess my question,too, is is 5W-20 better?
I haven't seen a 5w20 oil out yet that doesn't meet the Ford Spec. It wouldn't be too smart to release a product that doesn't meet the specs for one of the only manufacturers who uses it! Mobil 1 0w20 would be the oil that meets that spec from Mobil 1. 5w30 is fine the Ford mod motors. If you want Mobil 1 and can't find 0w20, then any of the Xw30's would be a fine choice.
The local county vehicle maintenance foreman was recently telling me that he stays in contact with foremen from nearby counties. They've been using 5W-20 in their new sheriff's Crown Vic cruisers and all have had one or more failed engines. The local guy is using 5W-30 and has no engine problems...his problem is getting the deputies to bring their patrol car in for service. He said that he used his spare keys to "repo" one from the front of the deputy's house one morning so he could service it!...with the acknowlegement of the dispatcher. Ken
FYI, Mobil1 0w20 is a special order item at Advance Auto Parts. I asked for it and it was at the store in less than a week. I am going to use it for winter than back to Castrol GTX 5w20 for the rest of the year (GTX is currently $1.28/qt. at Advance including 5w20).
Ken2, I wonder out loud if vis has anything to do with the failures. Specifically because most OTC 5w-30 oils thin to 20w in use. The current batch of 5w-20 oils are formulated to be able to withstand quite a beating and MAY be chemically a bit more stable than their 5w-30 counterparts. Do you know the brands of oils we are comparing here ? Very interesting. Terry
Just a FYI. The Pennzoil 5W20 Group III synthetic hit the streets on July 15th. Just in case your interested. As soon as I get my hands on some I am putting it in my Ford Taurus. Will do some extended drains and send to Terry for his review. [ July 18, 2003, 12:40 AM: Message edited by: Johnny ]
Just a FYI. The Pennzoil 5W20 Group III synthetic hit the streets on July 15th
Is this Pennzoil's Multigrade 5w20 motor oil or is it marked synthetic? [ July 24, 2003, 03:40 PM: Message edited by: MikeySoft ]
Special order? Try Walmart for M1 0w-20. I don't think the Crown Vics were failing due to the oil. Possible though. [Smile]
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