5w-20 : how many using for TOYOTA 1.5 ltr. engine

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Apr 5, 2007
in their YARIS , PRIUS , SCION XB , ECHO , or older 1.5 ltr. motors from TOYOTA ? If so . Any increase in mileage ? More responsive during acceleration from a stop or climbing hills ? Is it conventional or synthetic and what manufacturer ? Any negative results ? Such as engine noise , etc.. Just curious . THANKS
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I have specifically stayed away from an xw-20 oil in our Prius, which as you know, has the 1.5L 1NZ-FXE version of the 1.5L. My reason is that Prius-specific TSB which says 5w-30 only. I do wish they'd offered some explanation why they went to such trouble to rule out 20 wt for the Prius. Tantalizing that they did not for the other 1NZ powered cars.
On my gfriend's echo, we use 5w30 and change the oil at every 10k kms. I use Mobil 2000 5w30... hmm or was it Mobil 1000. I dont remember exactly. Since we dont take the echo very often because she has another car I cant remember exactly which one was it.
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