5.7 hemi oil discussion

Hi All,

Recently I bought a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee wk2 with 5.7 Hemi engine. The car has been imported from Canada and i have some questions what oil should i use. Since i live in Europe i mostly buy my oils from Germany.

The car doesn't have the hemi "tick" and i would like to keep it that way :)

I'm thinking of using RAVENOL DXG SAE 5W-30, which is PAO based and it has HTHS of 3,25.

Other options for me are:

Amsoil SS 0w-30
Amsoil SS 5w-20
Ravenol SFE 5w-20

Unfortunately in Europe its hard to find Pennzoil Platinum. About the Redline oil, there are imports but i don't like the price of it, its almost twice expensive as the rest of the oils here :cautious:

Also if you know another oil that would suit the 5.7 engine and it is available in Europe, please tell me. Cheers!
I just put Asmoil SS 5W-20 in my 2021 Ram 1500 5.7 at 41,500 miles. It is very smooth with a drop in coolant, and transmission temp. Maybe 400 miles on the oil change. So far, I dig it!
Exactly! it's a dynamic thing, but noticeable.