427w Oil Recommendation

Nice. I guess that is a stock accessory bracket on the driver’s side, it was the alternator bracket and PS pulley which caught my eye. I like the alternator placement as opposed to having it up top; just looks cleaner.

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I bought this kit a couple years ago at SEMA; didn’t line up very well but I made it work. Went and saw a buddy of mine with a CNC... we took measurements and cut our own brackets. Used that setup on a couple other engines I built. I’ll never build a street car with a v-belt again.

That is probably smart lol. I still have V Belts on my truck, and I have had nothing but problems. Unfortunately, it's a 300 I6, and the options on serpentine setups are limited without a lot more work.

Here's that one I had built last year.



Can't you retrofit a later (80's) 300 serpentine setup from an F-150 or something? I had an '88 F-250 with the 300.

Yes, but that means retrofitting ALL the accessories...which I wasn't prepared to do. I had already bought most of them by that point lol.

I can't recall what the most major dealbreaker was for me...I did look into it. It wasn't TOO big a deal for me to convert it over, I don't really drive this truck too often, so I left the V Belts...one of the downsides of what I do is that I tend to have more money than time to go to the junkyard lol. I would prefer a serpentine setup though, for sure.