4 stroke bike oils in cars?

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Ahh, the picture of the motorcycle on the bottle. Fools the fool every time. If You have a 60's muscle car and you want a high(er) ZPD lube you can buy off the shelf for a reasonable price?
VR1 is available pretty much everywhere, for a cheap option with high zinc - maybe easier to source than a specialist motorcycle oil?


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The important fact here is wether or not the motorcycle oil you are looking it is for a WET clutch bike or a DRY clutch bike. BIG differences in formulation, we should only use DRY CLUTCH bike oil in cars.
Why ? Not trying to be rude, I just don't see why. I know resource conserving cars oils with friction modifiers should not be used in wet clutch (shared sump) bikes, because they could make the bike clutch slip. But I've never heard of a problem the other way around (bike oil in a car).
I can think of several reasons not to use 4-stroke motorcycle oil in an automotive application: Significantly increased cost Lack of friction modifiers Refused warranty coverage and may actually void warranty Use the right tool for the job (and this isn't it) If you must add a boost to your "regular" car oil, buy an oil booster product (not recommended), or buy a quart of boutique oil with more Gp IV and Gp V base (e.g. Amsoil, Redline). Or just use the boutique oil instead of your regular stuff, it might be cheaper than 4-stroke oil.