2020 Hyundai Tucson 2nd Oil Change - should I change now or wait?

You are quoting an American act as a Canadian... Its meaningless in Canada.
Although the OP and myself are Canadian, the same principals apply. The dealer or hyundai would need to orove that the aftermarket filter installed was the cause of the engine failure.
Any lawyer would win the case hands down if there was no proof from hyundai or the dealer.
Some say it's silly, for many others it's a smart investment. You have your opinion, I respect that.
It’s a massive waste of time, money and resources and a travesty to the planet in dealing with the waste. Not an opinion. Fact. Nothing was gained by changing oil three times in 5,000 miles. Absolutely ridiculous. Car was under warranty so literally no reason to do this.
I'm kind of researching MB228.51 (or low SAPS oils) for our 2.4L DI Tuscon.
I'm not sure what benefit it would be, MB228.51 is for HDEO, if you've got an N/A 2.4L, I don't see how it's any more beneficial than Dexos Passenger car oil as they are both 1% sulfated ash, if you want low SAPS oil go with Pennzoil Euro L 5W30, there's no reason to run a heavy 40 grade HDEO in a 2.4L, even a thick euro mid saps oil like Euro L probably isn't necessary, but if you really want low SAPS, Euro L is 0.8% Sulfated ash as required by ACEA C3, Dexos2, BMW LL-04, and MB229.51, and it's easily available at walmart for $22/jug
Change it, then every 5k miles. I'd recommend using OEM filter. The vehicle is still under warranty and Hyundai and KIA have less than stellar warranty work. I have a 19' Sorento and use OEM oil filters and I can give you about 800 million reasons why.
He lives in the USA , he has ZERO worries about changing what filter he uses. I for one would never run a Swiss cheese Hyundai filter. They reduced the overall filtering thinking that "flow" would help their 10 + year bad choice of piston metallurgy. Turbo motors have far less issues since they use a stronger hypereutectic piston with harder alloys. That stupid chose Hyundai has used for 10 years has cost them 4.5 billion dollars by their own figures. A Fram Ultra flows better then a Hyundai filter and filters far better. I drove my new Hyundai home and put a Fram Ultra on it. Just because the Hyundai filter is well made and weighs a lot doesn't mean it is good for the car. I had a 2013 Hyundai Elantra gall up pistons at 14,000 miles and they brought up I had an aftermarket high filtering filter on. Before they could take a breath, I said I have the legal right under the Magnusen-Moss Warranty Act to run any filter I want, as long as it is the filter # that matches use for a Hyundai. Nothing was said after that. I received a new motor.