2018 F150 10R80 98,000 kilometer, 61000 miles

Jul 9, 2018
SK, Canada
I recently sent an oil analysis for a 10R80 automatic transmission in my 2018 F150 XLT. It also has the max tow pkg.

I think this transmission is shared and also used with some General Motors vehicles.

The labs had "flagged" the aluminum, & copper content each at an Upper Reportable limit. Both elements were sat 48 ppm. Everything else seems to be in normal ranges. I don't think there is anything to worry about, & they recommend a 240,000 kilometer service interval. I will probably change it earlier than this, maybe in another year or closer to 150,000 km

I don't do any hard towing, with heavy camper, but will pull a small snowmobile/ atv trailer, or a boat occasionally.

I have seen other posts saying that the 10 speed transmission needs to be serviced much earlier than Ford recommendations, because lots of moving parts.

Oil is Mercon ULV ATF
  • km on Oil-----Virgin----------98244 km
  • Aluminum-------0--------------48
  • Chromium-------0---------------0
  • Copper----------0--------------48
  • Iron--------------0--------------60
  • Tin---------------0---------------0
  • Lead-------------0---------------0
  • Silicon-----------5--------------12
  • Molybdenum---0----------------0
  • Nickel-----------0----------------0
  • Silver------------0----------------0
  • Potassium-------0----------------2
  • Sodium----------1----------------7
  • Boron-----------95--------------63
  • Barium-----------0---------------0
  • Calcium--------112------------110
  • Magnesium------1---------------2
  • Manganese------0--------------14
  • Phosphorous--322------------262
  • Zinc--------------0---------------5
  • TAN-----------2.05-----------0.86
  • TBN-----------2.3
  • Visc 40C---------19.7--------19.6
  • Visc 100C---------4.5----------4.4
  • Visc Index--------147---------139
They have a wear control chart, & have assigned this sample a number of 159. Not sure what that number means, & maybe just a way to compare follow up samples.

I have asked the labs a few questions.

I would like to know where they draw the lines for contamination.
48 ppm for al, & cu are considered "Upper Reportable"
They have a Lower Reportable, Upper Reportable, Lower Critical, & Upper Critical rating.

They have found 60 ppm for iron in the analysis. Would like to know where iron limits reach a lower reportable level, & the ranges between each level?

What causes boron, & phosphorous depletion in a closed system?
How low can TAN get before it is a reporting factor?

I have also attached the original analysis report.



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I don't worry about wear on the hard-parts of my 10R80 as much as I worry about the solenoid pack. That's my basis for wanting to get contaminates out of the fluid and regular filter changes. My plan is to do a D&F at around 30K (Miles) and new filter at 60.

Thanks for the analysis!
The lab has answered my questions about contamination levels.

The contamination tolerances for Al & Cu exceeding 50 ppm puts it into a "Lower Critical" rating.

Iron exceeding 100 ppm becomes reportable

Acid number is lower than the virgin sample for some reason.
The lower the acid number is, the better. When oil breaks down due to high temperature & oxidation it becomes acidic.
Those limits really don't have much meaning unless they speak to a distance associated with the magnitude.

100ppm of Fe in 100k miles is nothing to panic over. 100ppm of Fe in 10k miles is a big deal.

I don't have enough data on this trans to make any observations other than anecdotal.
I replaced the oil & filter yesterday.
I pulled a new sample at 137000 km and will also be submitting a sample after the oil change.

It was not as bad as I thought it would be. I have the 2018 3.5 Ecoboost. I used a hose fed in to my shopvac and collected the used oil in a couple of 4 liter buckets. I was able to suck about 7 liters out.
There was some filings on the pan, & filter magnet, but nothing I would be concerned about.

I might try to open the filter, to see if there is more filings inside the filter internally on the magnet.

When I get results I will share again.