2009 ford fusion very dangerous car to own

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Oct 14, 2015
So for the first time my fusion experienced the brake problem the fusions are know for. My wife was driving in a parking lot about 10 mph and a car was stopping in front of her. About 3 car lengths away. She pushes the brake and nothing happens so she pushes harder and its to the floor at this point and shes not stopping. Then pow bumps the ford fiesta in front of her. Elderly women got out and wife is crying with the kids. Elderly lady keep apologizing. She said her car didnt have any damage so she left. Yay my insurance isnt going up. But the damage was scuffed bumper and bent license plate. So i test drove the car around the lot and brakes are working perfect ofcourse. Then it happens agian to her but luckly i drilled into her head to pump the brakes if it ever happens agian and pull the ebrake so she came to a stop. So i did a complaint with the nhsta. After doing some reading it looks like its already under investigation. Car has 87k miles new fluid pads and rotors about 2 years ago. Brake fluid still full. This is my first ford product and my last. After doind some research it seems that the abs valve gets sticky and cuts line pressure. Im afraid of the car now honestly. I cant afford to replace the abs hcu until tax time. If any of you guys experince the brake thing in the fusion please report it and lets get a recall.
is this just a 2009 thing? ive had my 2008 since new..never any brake problems, and have never heard of fusion brake problems that are abnormal in the 2 fusion forums ive been a member of since 2009.
If I was short of cash … that might be legitimate time to use a credit card … Maybe Cardinal can comment if the replacement unit has the problem solved ?
I have a 2008 and it started doing it at 90k the easiest fix I found without replacing the ABS pump is to raise the front wheels and put it in drive and keep hitting the brakes. This will cause the pump to constantly cycle which in my case freed up the sticking valve in the pump. If it is currently stuck open have someone sit in the car with it running and have them pump the brakes as you tap on the ABS pump this is how I originally freed mine up. good luck
I didnt think about pulling the fuse. Ill looking into that after work. Sounds like its the easyist solution atm.
If the valve is stuck open pulling the fuse won't fix that problem. You must free up the valve first then you can pull the fuse.
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If the valve is stuck open pulling the fuse won't fix that problem. You must free up the valve first then you can pull the fuse.
Yes, I assumed that he had the car functioning again.
I haven't seen a real pattern failure on Fusions similar to what you describe. I do remember selling master cylinders in the past, but nothing out of the ordinary compared to other cars. If indeed a valve is "sticking" I wonder if more frequent brake fluid flushes would help prevent any buildup that could cause sticking.
Having to drive a car not knowing if the brakes are going to work every time is intolerable. Completely understand money issues but when a wife and kids are involved there has to be a way to get the car fixed now. She may not have time to pump and e-brake next time, or are you driving it until fixed?
A google search of '2009 Ford Fusion Brake issues' shows this to be a not uncommon problem. Second entry, a YouTube video by FordTechMakuloco appears to shed light on the technical aspect of the issue. Obviously seems pretty serious, and an expensive fix according to FordTech. Another entry, states the issue common to 2007-2009 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan.
Well she dont work today so i only have today to fix it. My only option really is pull the abs fuse till i have the funds to fix
100% not an uncommon issue. I've had half a dozen come in in the past year for the same thing. Usually doing an ABS bleed with the scanner brings it right back to life. Absolutely a safety issue. Ford should have recalled these long ago.
Happened to my moms 09 Fusion that I maintain. I replaced the ABS pump and module, flushed the old fluid out, and it has been fine. I agree 100% that this is a problem that Ford should have taken care of a long time ago.
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