Scrapped the 2009 Ford Flex today...after almost 15 years of ownership

Some poor person would have liked that for that price, maybe? I don't think wrecking yards around here would give more than 200. for it.
This car would have cost a poor person at least $2000 CAD to make it pass Ontario safety requirements - done legally. Not interested in that effort and I explained the car was too old to make such a project $$ practical. The scrap value where I took it is based on the advertised weight from Ford multiplied by the current ferrous scrap price per pound. I expect the catalytic converters and the OEM airbags would be worth more than what I got, but I can afford to leave something on the table for someone else willing to do the work.
Mom's Still Driving her '09 Taurus, (~120k mi), bought CPO off lease with 30k mi back in... Jan. 2012.
-same D4 platform as your Flex, many similar parts, but the Taurus/Sable/Explorer were built in Chicago, Flex in Oakville, ON-
only rust is at the bottom front of the rear wheel wells ( they literally ALL rust out there).
The only parts I can recall having to replace outside the normal maintenance bits, is the Power Window Switch in the Front Passenger door.
not even a blend door actuator.
Now you've jinxed it! FWIW, don't use the cheap ones, go Motorcraft or don't bother. Not saying the Motorcraft never fail, but they do last a smidgen longer.
oh I know... Before my Cmax i had an 09 Sable for 4 years... Replaced the easy actuator (behind the glove box) TWICE.
once with whatever the Advance Auto store brand is, which lasted a whole lasted a year!
then i put in the Motorcraft.. never had another issue with THAT part..
the AC would ice up if the ambient temp was over 80, 1-2 shift was slipping a fair bit... she got traded in on my C-max, and last i checked the carfax, it's still registered in the town an hour away where i traded it. ( always had a sneaking suspicion one of the techs snapped it up, cuz it never even made it to their website.)
I never rode in a Flex but I always wanted to turn one into a stealth camper. It seemed like the perfect vehicle for it.
Always glad I don't live someplace where rust forces a 2009 MY to be scrapped. Here, that's still a newer vehicle

I wonder if a good underbody seal coat and semi-annual underbody wash would have extended the vehicle life by another 5 miles. We have monthly wash service here for $20 per month and a premium service to include underbody wash is about $40 per month. If I live somewhere that use high level of salt, I would probably get the premium wash package during the heavy snow and salt months and use the spring to touch up the underbody. I personally sealed the underbody of my 2002 Accord and never had to touch up. It is still fine after 23 years and we get plenty of salt here. I never did that for my 2012 Fit because the self-service garage I used changed the policy and I couldn't bring the spray cans to do it. I should have done the hand-application and put newspaper and cardboard on the floor to prevent dripping on the shop floor. I'll do it when it in April/May after a good underbody wash.
The freedom when you unload a maintenance pit is so wonderful. Congrats.