2002 Silverado 5.2 Coolant capacity?

Jan 9, 2010
Los Gatos, CA
Gonna do a quick coolant service on a friend's higher mileage 2002 Silverado 5.2.
What is the spill and fill capacity? I am guessing 2 to 3 gallons.
I have 1 gallon concentrate + 1 gallon distilled water and 2 gallons 50/50 pre-mixed Peak Dexcool.
I Googled and BOB-Searched the answer, but no luck....

Thanks in advance.
If I recall correctly draining the radiator through the petcock along with pushing some water out via a low pressure blow gun on the fill cap hole was only a couple of gallons total. The owners manual may have a total coolant volume number for you, a drain and fill will be somewhere around half that total.
You should have plenty on hand. I have two radiator drain/fills recorded. One took 2 gallons plus another 16-32 oz. I might have made a mistake for the other, because it only lists one gallon. (Maybe a gallon of concentrate and I forgot to record the distilled water.)
The water pump job took 2.5 gallons.

2001 Silverado 5.3 2WD
This is what I found for 02 5.3L Silverado. So at least 3.5 gallons minimum if you drain everything.

VORTEC 5300 V8
Without air conditioner13.4 quarts(12.7 L)
With air conditioner14.9 quarts(14.1 L)
The answer is.... About 6 quarts. Pretty nice as there is a built-in rubber drain hose. Flop it down and open the petcock.
It's slow, but cleaner than any radiator drain I've ever done.

So close to half the capacity was replaced. All good.