'17 Buick ATF drain - 138K - Synthetic Dexron VI or Dino Dexron VI ?

Well, went with Maxlife Full Synthetic. Drained bout 4 1/3 qts. I asked him to hold fluid, dipped paper in it....... not good, boys and girls. Dam. Not red, not dark red. Pretty much black.

I will say this though... no doubt it shifts better/smoother... even discounting the placebo effect. I even tried to trip it up..... I'm stubborn... and couldn't get it to act badly. MAYBE I'm ok, maybe not. So evidently this is the first ATF fluid change @ 139k. Oh well.

I have had many vehicles go to 200K+ and one go to 326K and driven daily still. This car may not be one of those...lol.

I'm humbled... we will see. Thx for all the help.


A few of my cars.... some very boring, some not

1968 Mustang 289 187K
1982 Civic Sedan 120K
1992 Toyota Camry 218K
1993 Regal 3.8 163K
2000 Tundra 4.7 326k
2014 Camry 2.5 199k
2017 Enclave 139K
2011 Miata 86k
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I had a 2014 Cruze I bought a few years ago with 103k on it. The trans fluid had no service history so I followed the procedure for checking the level (at full operating temp, level ground then remove the plug in the left front wheelwell) I then pulled the plug on the trans and drained out what measured to be 4 1/3Qts, put the plug back in and filled it with the same amount using Maxlife. I did that 3 times over the next couple thousand miles and was happy with the job. Easier than an oil change.
LOL... that settles it. Thank you.

Now that you've helped answer my main question, which is the "best" Dexron VI full synthetic ?
Was reading all these comments thinking everyone was trying to tell you all Dex 6 is synthetic without actually telling you all Dex 6 in synthetic.
Fwiw I switched my 2005 4L60E to Dex 6 and it came with Dex 3, no issues after 250k.