0W30 vs 0W40

Funny you say this. I just ordered 3 more jugs yesterday!😂 I haven't even tried the oil yet and I have 6 jugs stockpiled. Based on all of the raving reviews of the oil and not one negative one, I think I'm going to like it.
My 6 showed up yesterday.
I know this doesn’t have the api cert but you would have no issue running this oil if u wanted a 30wt? I thought it had it (api cert) like the 5w30 esp has. It doesn’t bother you it’s missing right? My dad who is 70s is always in my ear “run what’s in the manual “ lol.
While the car is brand new and still under warranty I wouldn't run anything other than what the manufacturer tells you to run, through the oil change interval they want you to run. Although engine failure under warranty is rare, if something does happen you don't want to give them an excuse to void it if you're using the wrong oil. And if you DIY your own oil changes always keep records