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    super long time storage

    Just run it as is. Put some fresh fuel in the tank and run her out good the first time you it out. Don't change your spark plugs till you get rid of your old gas. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!
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    Honda f12x watercraft oil

    bump, anyone using a diesel oil in their 4 stroke pwcs? Otherwise, I think mobil 1 15w50 from walmart(20 bucks for 5 qts) is going to be the replacement.
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    Is pennzoil platinum discontinued?

    Can't find it at autozone, advance auto parts, or murrays discount auto parts. Haven't checked wally world yet, but I will try them again.
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    Is pennzoil platinum discontinued?

    Can't find it in stores at all. Wondering whats the deal? Thanks, Aaron
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    Synthetic vs. Dino

    well, Im going to run the pennzoil 100% synthetic from now on. It burns cleaner than the premium plus, and its only around 20 bucks a gallon from wally world. I only go through 2-3 gallons a year, so for 30-40 extra a year, it won't bother me.
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    Synthetic vs. Dino

    ragged, what 2 stroke oil you currently using? Im switching over from my pennzoil syn blend(premium plus) to pennzoil 100% synthetic for a bit to see if it runs any cleaner. It was only 12 bucks more(24 bucks) but most on here claim it to be a cleaner 2 stroke oil than the premium plus.
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    Honda f12x watercraft oil

    Currently use amsoil, but almost 10 bucks a quart for 10w40 for motorcyle oil is ----. Any good alternatives? Thanks, Aaron
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    Synthetic vs. Dino

    Where is blano when you need him? Maybe he will give us a better explanation.
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    Synthetic vs. Dino

    Im not surprised to be honest. In reality, I think most 2 stroke oil is all twc3 anyway and very little ester or pao. Unless you can get it cheap by the gallon(which pennzoil synthetic at oil dash store dot com is 80 bucks for 4 gallons), I don't think it will last much longer than say regular...
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    Price Reports TC-W3 oils, how much you paying?

    buy pennzoil premium plus. Its a syn blend thats twc3 rated and only costs about 10 bucks a gallon!!!
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    Synthetic vs. Dino

    Whats up ragged(this is gainera2582 from pwctoday and the x) Now guys, since he is running a reed motor(no gas powervalves), which would be the better oil choice? For example, say he was using pennzoil premium plus in his kawi sxr for season upon season and wanted to switch to pennzoil 100%...
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    Oil for Waverunnerr

    pennzoil premium plus or pennzoil 100% syn outboard would be my picks. West marine twc3 oil is also great!!!!
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    Seadoo Forum?

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Manual transmission "snobs"?

    I think everyone should know how to operate a manual transmission vehicle for driving purposes. I like manual transmissions more than anyone(my civic is a 5 speed and love it to death), but I respect those who drive automatics due to personal choice. I just think they are more fun in...
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    The Automatic That's Faster Than a Manual

    Automatics are fine if you like driving in a straight line fast and want a grandma car. Manual trannys are still my favorite regardless of performance capabilities. They make the car handle that much better in corners, and are more fun to drive.