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    Are magnetic drain plugs worth it?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by gtx510: [QB] What do you guys think are the best/strongest magnetic drainplugs? <a href="" target="_blank">Anyone tried MFactory drainplugs?</a> <hr /></blockquote>Those are the...
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    Are magnetic drain plugs worth it?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by JeepZJ4.0: <strong> For those of us with a 4.0L Jeep engine, the Iron King, the magnet would probably be benefitial compared to these newer cars with aluminium blocks/heads. </strong><hr /></blockquote>I'd think that most aluminum blocks would still...
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    Are magnetic drain plugs worth it?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Jonny Z: <strong> Would the strong magnet interfere with the engine electronics, sensors, etc? </strong><hr /></blockquote>No, especially since it's at the bottom of the oil pan anyhow. I ordered two (one for each car)... as you guys said, it can't...
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    Are magnetic drain plugs worth it?

    I have an opportunity to buy a few drain plugs for mine and my wifes' engine for very cheap through a local group-buy. Just wondering if they're worth it ($cheap) especially considering they're extremely-magnetic rare-earth magnets, which are stronger than neodymium ones from what I've read...
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    What oil for Supercharged H22 (Japanese-spec) ?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by 427Z06: <strong> Yep, Esso XD3 0W-30 is a great choice. Your friend should install oil temp and pressure gauges is he's going to race that thing. </strong><hr /></blockquote>He has oil temp and pressure as well as fuel pressure gauges. <img...
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    What oil for Supercharged H22 (Japanese-spec) ?

    A friend of mine has a Japanese-spec H22 engine (from a Japanese Honda Prelude) in his 1999 Acura Integra. Anyhow, he is about to put the Jackson Racing SuperCharger on (one **** of a mod - never been done!). What oil should he run for this application? I believe he will be running the 9psi...
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    Acura RDX 4cyl turbo MPG less than their V6. Why bring this to market at all??

    My presumption is threefold: 1. 4-banger turbo is going to be considerably lighter than a 6-cyl engine, thus improving handling and power:weight ratio over the V6 2. 4-cylinder engines always have an image of being more efficient and "green" than a V6. Plus, I know a lot of people who would...
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    GTX High-Mileage 5W30 - Ok for new Honda?

    I agree - don't use the thicker GTX HM in the Honda. I put in 0W-30 Esso XD-3 full synthetic and noticed a bit of sluggishness. Although it COULD be due to heat-soak these days - it's been rediculously hot here. I'd go with a 5w-20 and nothing thicker.
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    Castrol GTX HM formulation

    I was wondering the same thing as Baveux, basically because its on for so cheap. My wifes' 2002 Protege5 has 105,000km (63,000 miles?) on it, and although it just had an oil change, I was thinking of buying a few jugs of this and storing it until needed in 5000km from now. The engine currently...
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    2nd Oil change on 2005 CR-V

    Buzzsaw: in that pic, is that VIN plate attached to the block itself? Curious to know, thanks.
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    HOORAY!!! SMART Car to be sold in USA!

    There are a lot of Smart cars in Canada already. I think they're quite appropriate for the longer-distance commuter, and frankly, their crash-worthiness is VERY impressive. The only reason they seem to have not been introduced to the US market is because many Americans have a "bigger is...
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    PS Fluid change intervals?

    Sounds good. The OEM Honda PS fluid is recommended, and Honda uses special fluids anyhow, so I'll pick up 2L of the stuff (or whatever my service manual says, I can't remember the amount right now). The procedure is really simple (disconnect return hose, turn wheel lock-to-lock a few times...
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    PS Fluid change intervals?

    2004 Acura TSX w/ 97,000km (~ 61,000 miles). I was wondering what the normal power steering fluid exchange interval was for a typical Honda. It's not listed in the manual or service manual (I have both), but the procedure is simple. When should this be done, and is it like brake fluid in that...
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    Oh where could my oil be going?

    A compression and leakdown test would likely reveal the cause of the oil consumption.