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    2011 MDX 49,000 miles

    I've never heard of a bad battery causing a car to stall while it was running. Just my two cents. If in the case of the alternator failing (which is basically never with the 07-13 MDX) and the voltage did get low, it would still run for awhile before it completely failed, with the battery light...
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    2005 Acura MDX 100,000 mile report

    Did you do a valve adjustment yet? The exhaust valves on those have a tendency to tighten up over time. Surprising how much more power and smooth operation you get when the valves are adjusted correctly. Great motor when properly tuned.
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    Ridgeline leaking coolant?

    I see that you live in Michigan, it might almost be worth it to just replace the radiator BEFORE the fitting blows off, especially if it's showing signs of corrosion. Once the radiator and transmission cross-contaminate, it's nearly impossible to get all of the trans fluid out of the cooling...
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    2008 Honda Civic

    UPDATE! (OP delivers!) So at this point the car now has 75k. Synthetic oil changes with M1 5W-20 to start, more recently "Acura" brand 5W-20 syn. Honda oil filters. Trans fluid has been changed probably 5-6 times, all with Honda Z1 and more recently DW1. Just installed the second new set of...
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    Boycotting Lowe's

    Red Wing soles will go eventually. In my line of work the toes are trashed well before the soles ever go though. I've been wearing a pair of Redback boots (outside of work) for about 2 years now as casual footwear, and I'm impressed. These things have logged some miles and the soles are barely...
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    They don't think like us

    For those not interested in link surfing, the best snippet from the above link: "What happened to these people? Is it the fluoridated tap water? The anti-depression medications? The fast food consumed on a daily basis? The chemicals in diet sodas and chewing gum? The constant need for people to...
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    They don't think like us

    A little bit stream of consciousness, but I see where you're going with it. In my area violent crime is down from it's heyday 15-25 years ago, but theft, scams, and fraud seem more and more pervasive by the day. It starts at the top. Investment companies and the large banks knowingly selling...
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    Apparently, nothing is sacred anymore...

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: jcwit</div><div class="ubbcode-body">With all the hatred towards Wal-Mart they still stay on top being the largest retailer here in the U.S.A. and no one else even comes close to their pricing on a day to day basis...
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    Low Vitamin D Levels in our Bodies

    Interesting info. I've never been tested for actual levels, but I have friends (late 20's/early 30's) who've tested low. It's hard to get a decent amount of sun around here when you can only really sit outside about 4 months out of the year.
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    Boycotting Lowe's

    And yes, US made stuff gets harder and harder to find every passing year. Picked up some Carhartt bibs last week, still made in the US but no longer Union Made like the old stuff was. A lot of their stuff is Hecho en Mexico these days. Was looking at boots the other day as well, I would...
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    Boycotting Lowe's

    Sears is in trouble as well. It's a relic, I wouldn't be surprised to see them go the way of Montgomery Wards. When I (rarely) go to the mall, I usually park near Sears because that's the emptiest part of the parking lot. I've had about enough with Home Depot, 10 minute walk just to get to the...
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    Debit Card fees spreading across the country!

    Simple answer here. Credit Union. Very few fees, reasonable interest rates on loans. I closed all my Wells Fargo accounts recently and now do 100 percent of my banking with my local Credit Union. Couldn't be happier.
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    I can no longer eat fast food

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ToyotaNSaturn</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> LOL. He therefore chooses Old Style because it's "pure brewed in God's country". </div></div> Old Style is phenomenal! For boiling bratwurst. I don't mind it, but it's...
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    Any specifically "good" brands of R134a?

    It's all legally mandated to be the same. Don't fall for gimmicks. The more important factors for the A/C system are: 1. Make sure it's 100 percent sealed and not leaking 2. Make sure the system does not have any moisture or air in it. A proper vacuum of the system is key to achieving this...
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    stalling 99 acura cl

    +1 ignition switch. It's just the electrical portion that needs to be changed out, it doesn't need to be re-keyed or anything. The contacts on the inside wear out eventually and cause it to stall if the key jumps back a bit. This was a common problem on 90's Acuras.