Your most hideous brew?

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
3qts M1 10w-30 SL
8oz M1 5w20 SM
12oz M1 0w20 SL
4 oz M1 5w-30 SL
6 oz GC
Lube Control
SuperTech Filter

It was amazing how much more space was on my oil rack after all those bottles were emptied...
My most hideous brew is posted somewhere on this site, but this one is a close second:

Initial fill:
6 qts 10w30 Maxlife
15 ounces Rislone Winter Start
20 oz STP 6000-Mile Oil Extender (discontinued)

Topped up with:
1 quart Redline 10w30
1/2 quart Durablend 15w40
I remember in my senior year of high school (2000) I had alot of near empty cans of motor oil and other lubes. I put it in my dads Craftsman rider lawn mower and the push Briggs 3.5 hp classic. (my dad doesn't really care on maintenance on the lawn mowers. here was the brew

1/4 quart of Supertech Synthetic 10w30
1/4 quart of Supertech Semi Synthetic 5w30
1/2 quart of Super tech SAE 30

a little bit or a pint of:

Miejer SAE 30 oil
Meijer 10w30 oil
Unknown ATF Fluid
Power steering fluid
Briggs and stratton SAE 30
chemical that quiets valve stick(?)
supertech 10w30 oil

I felt bad that people throw away bottles of lubes that have little bit in them. I was very suprised that after 5 years the craftsman tractor isn't burning any oil and the oil look black.. so its cleaning pretty good. it had minimul oil lose. the briggs classic 3.5 hp burns a little oil but the engine is 12 years old. well.. sorry for the grammer and spelling.. i'm a little hung over.
You got me beat.
I ran a UOA, which, due to top-off, wound up being:
4 qts Supertech 5W30 Conventional
1 qt Rislone
1 qt GC

Supertech and Rislone mixed isn't too weird. Adding GC probably made the little Teutonic Elves cuss so bad they had to go to confession right afterwards.

My dumbest combination was filling my '78 Mercedes 240D with Shell Rotella T 15W40 (good choice). But when it used (leaked, mostly) 3 qts per 1000 miles, I ran out of Rotella T and started topping off with the closest I could find at the conveniece store. It was frequently Castrol GTX 10W40, which I don't even recall being diesel-rated (bad choice). I'd be afraid to try that today due to shearing and additive concerns.
I suppose with my drain rate, I was effectively running 2000 mile OCIs, which should have let me run *ANY* oil as long as I changed that freaking half-gallon-sized Mann filter.
I love this stuff. Intentional mixes are usually for guys who cannot decide on one fluid! I topped off my GC car after a quart of topping with GC with ~whatever~ oil. This was after 8000-9000mi, I don't intend to do it next time. Some of those brews are whacky, gives a purist goose-bumps. Brrr. Anyway, I do mix Havoline/Chevron Supreme with me crazy.
Some of the mosy hideous brews are {were} BALLANTINE ALE followed by SCAEFFERS, PABST BLUE RIBBON and the oldest YUENGLING.

Originally posted by H2GURU:
Some of the mosy hideous brews are {were} BALLANTINE ALE followed by SCAEFFERS, PABST BLUE RIBBON and the oldest YUENGLING.


...I'm appending Old Style to your list.
Yuengling is a great beer poured into a glass. For reasons unknown, the taste of it in a can is not very pleasant. I blame that on the aluminum can - not the beer.


My most hideous oil brew:
2 quarts of Mobil-1 super-syn 5W-30
2 quarts of Auto Trend (Meijer) synthetic 10W-30
15 ounces (full bottle) of Valvoline Maxlife Oil Treatment
I think I achieved following oil mix recently in my T-bird(4.6L):

went in at OC: 3 qts of Mc 10/30 and 2 qts of MC 10/40
top up after some time: 0.5 qt of RL 10/40
on a 400 mile hwy trip on a 95F day, 0.5 bottle of VSOT, just for fun.
Then recently, couldn't find the MC top-up bottle, so put in about 0.5 qt of an SL Chevron supr.10/30 that was laying around.
...god knows what kind of a soup I've's probably a little thick, but I'm not worried; it's VERY hot here, and Birdy sounds like it's enjoying the soup.

all this within about 6k miles (short trips except for that one long trip)...I'm going to get my next OC when it's time for winter mix. Hopefully this brew will carry me that far.
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