would anyone have intrest in seeing VOA of Super Tech 10w40?

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Feb 18, 2004
I noticed we only had 5w-30 in the VOA vault. Personally I'm looking for a good beater oil, and even though this oil seems adequate to begin with, I was curious if anyone else had any interest. No I'm not asking for any money or anything. Just curious if I'm the only one. If I am, then I probably won't. This could be some good oil to use for the AutoRX flushes at $.835 a quart in 5 quart jugs.
I am interested in seeing a VOA or UOA on this stuff. The 5W30 ST has performed well in UOA's with a decent additive package.
I would only fork out my own money for a VOA. I'm a broke college student who's family really doesn't have alot of expendible income. This is my hobby, so I don't mind doing one. Maybe that will change if I am able to find some work.
since your tight on money. (so am I) use your money on a UOA on your engine to serve your interests
How about the 20w-50 then. One of the reasons I was going to do that was that it was a more versitle oil than the 10w-40 (as far as cold weather). Also, at $.84 a quart, the short change interval shouldn't matter too much.
Thomas, Is $6/gallon to much for your beater? Why not use a much better 10w-40...Mobil Delvac 1300?? Last time I checked, it actually met 10w pumping specs, and most likely flows/pumps just as well as the SuperTech 10w-40. Without a doubt, I can definitely say that it is a much, much better oil as well. BTW, I'm a broke college student as well. Only on the internet because the college provides you with an ethernet account and the computer I'm using was given to me by a friend... [Cheers!]
I didn't know that it virtually met the 10w pumping specs. Basically, I'm trying to figure out what a good oil would be to use when it gets really cold in SE Wisconsin (-15 F coldest starts). That oil is more attractive due to the longer drain intervals, and can be about the same price as the ST with 3k intervals. I'll probably just sit on my hands and continue to use up the rest of my current oil stash, then switch to ST 5w-30 from the end of winter break to spring break and Delvac 1300 in the summer. Or do something really silly like run Rotella T in the winter, lol. [ March 05, 2004, 03:00 PM: Message edited by: Thomas Pyrek ]
Correct, but if there is no interest then I would just use it anyway. This is my beater after all. Nonetheless, if this oil turns out to really be that good then it could make things a little easier on some of us. If only one other shows interest then I probably won't do it.
I don't think you'll see a lot of interest in 10W-40 here, simply because they are only good for short oci's. Most of the board members are interested in longer oci's than a 10W-40 is capable of. Dino 10W-40 can give some good results, but if you're only able to go 3K on them, why bother? Sorry, I'm not a 10-40 fan.
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