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May 25, 2004
mpls, mn
Looking for input from you guys. I've got a '00 Toyota 4runner with the 3.4l v6 with 160k. Its been fortunate enough to be garaged through all winters but this year I will likely have to park outside overnight so I'm wondering if its worth switching to a lighter weight oil. I currently use m1 10w30 year round with 7k oci. I have a healthy supply of 10w30 and 5w30. I try to get a change in right before it gets really cold and will ride that out until the spring. I'm concerned about morning start-ups since it will be outside I know it will be tougher to start. I don't have a block heater. Should I go to a 5w30 or a 0w30? is it needed? thanks for any advice!
By virtue of running synthetic it will be easier to start than dino. You could certainly go to a 5W30 or a 0W30 for the winter. You could consider moving also. I thought only polar bears lived in MN in the winter.
I just chilled several 0W-20 oils down to 0*F and -20*F. Their kinematic viscosities were 6-7.5 times as viscous at 0*F as they were at 68*F. At -20*F (-29*C) they kind of oozed out of the bottles. The bottom line is that all oils are too thick at 68*F and at the temps you'll see outside in a MPLS winter you'll need to go with the thinnest you can get. I strongly recommend a 0W-30 (or 0W20) and an oil heater.
IMO....since you already have the 5w-30, I would add a couple of quarts of 0w-20 and make it a 50/50 mix. The blend of 5w-30 and 0w-20,30 should do the job just fine. For the winter you could add some QSUD on sale at big lots for $4 a quart. I picked up a nice stash of QSUD 0w-20 recently at Big Lots.
Thanks for thlle feedback guys! Ill probably pick up a few bottles of something lighter to mix in. Time to go shopping again!
My daily vehicle, '92 Mazda Protege with SOHC 1.8 L usualy runs on Mobil1 5W30 in the winter w/o having a oil pan heater. No starting issues in 19 winters.
I picked up some 0w30 last night. pepper, do you park your car outside? I started parking my car outside in jan of this year and there were some mornings of hard starting. Up until this year my car has always been garaged in the evening. The garage still gets cold but never as cold as being outside.
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