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Jul 25, 2017
Sacramento, Ca.
On the second Tues of this month , win 10 didn't automatically update. Update history shows that it tries every day. Also tried the retry button - no results. Stuff like the update for office does update, but the cumulative update for 1703 won't. Have a legal copy of win 10 pro with coa. Previous months it updated. No settings have been changed. Any ideas? Thanks!
Mine did the same thing, stuck on Win 10 1703 update (2017 Fall Creators) I used a web browser to search for the update that would not install, manually downloaded it, then installed it...
Give it a reboot and try it again. Seriously. Those major Win10 updates are fiddly. Reboot and retry until it works. Not a very technical answer but this has been my experience.
There is an instruction that you can find with Google to find the partially downloaded update files directory. You have to delete those partially downloaded files and retry the update. It should work after that. Windows 10 is tied into the hardware, so once a computer have regietered as Windows 10, it will be win10 forever.
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Windows 10 updates are finicky and break stuff in the operating system all the time. I have multiple machines on Win 10 / Win 7 and it's like they are just rushing stuff in Windows 10 without properly testing it. Then they release all sorts of patches to fix it afterwards. So frustrating.
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I'm on windows 1709 on both machines I've manually asked it to update for. I think my laptop failed to update the first time, but had no issue after a reboot. Desktop did it first try.
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