Windows 10 Update Error Message


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Jul 22, 2010
I really don't like the fact that Windows 10 tries to update drivers on my laptop ... especially when it tries to "update" a driver that's supposedly already newer then the one it's trying to install.

Plus, it shows that the same Realtek 6.0.9018.1 update was successful, but also failed at the same date and time (11/2/20 @ 3:20pm), then failed again at 8:54 PM ... what? The second image was seen after restarting the computer.

Is there any way to turn this off, or tell Windows to ignore the update?

Windows Update Error Message-2.JPG

Windows Update Error Message.JPG
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My laptop lists the available driver updates separately and makes me select them and verify I want to download and install them. It sounds like your computer is doing them automatically though, which seems odd. I wonder what the difference is...
Now if I go into "Windows Updates" and look at the "View Update History" under "Drivers", it doesn't even show that Realtek 6.0.9018.1 update that is shown in my original post. And after doing another update, that error message I posted earlier is now gone. Geeez ... Windows. :rolleyes:

I also do see other possible driver updates in the "View optional updates" link, and those I would have to check manually and say install. I really don't want Windows trying to automatically update drivers unless it knows if one really needs updating.

Windows 10 Driver Updates.JPG
It may take some time but, check your settings. Also, make sure all of your bloat ware has been deleted. Any unnecessary software can cause big problems. One more thing, I had problems when I used Google Chrome as my search engine. I removed Google Chrome and went with MS Edge, formally Bing.
Run, gpedit.msc, computer configuration, administrative templates, windows components, windows update, do not include drivers with windows update double click and enable. Or
Administrative templates, system, device installation, device installation restrictions, Prevent installation of devices that match any of these device ID's, enable and put the device ID of the component in you find in the device manager.
Home versions may not have gpedit but it can be downloaded.