Mar 8, 2022
Northern Washington
So I have this problem with my MSI laptop. I purchased it from a person and they were in the middle of restoring it or basically getting it ready for a new purchaser. That purchaser being me. Well, he didn’t finish up the initial cleanup and cut the power with just 3 minutes left to do the clean up. After that and looking further into the problem. There seems to be a lot going on with this computer that I can’t seem to put my finger on WHY it is stuck at the blue boot loop screen and the blue screen it always brings me to no matter what is a screen that has options. From CONTINUE to windows 11.
Reset MSI
Advanced Options.
YOU NAME IT I’ve tried it. I’ve done everything possible! LIKE:
-First option: Continueing to windows 11 (takes me straight back to the previous blue screen with all of those options listed above, didn’t work out!)
Advanced Options -Options 2 and 3:
2) Tried re-installing windows through cloud *doesn’t go very far and gives me an error message*
3) Tried re-installing windows via local install *doesn’t go anywhere and gives me the same message like when i tried reinstalling windows through the cloud.
Tried Resetting PC said windows could not reset your pc. Another error message. Windows/system32/winre/files/srt/text or something or other.
Then Tried Restoring PC Couldn’t find an image backup files nor could it detect some type of drivers that were supposed to be present. Wouldn’t let me go past the part that had a link stating system protection turned on.
Tried booting from a usb flash drive, tried booting from the boot manager, tried booting from the network, etc… to no avail.
Can anyone help? I’ve exhausted every avenue and I don’t know what to do next. Anyone interested in purchasing a laptop that needs a little TLC from a techy? I just bought it in October so Its only like 6 months old.


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Download and install the Windows ISO to a USB drive from their website here: Then boot up from the USB drive and do a fresh install. I've never been successful at repairing Windows and the time it takes to install is usually faster than trying to fix it.
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Wait what he made his account today and made his first post which wasn't oil related on an oil forum. My man could've picked any computer forum but chose this lol.

But at any rate a bad windows install cant be fixed easily and if you had nothing on it why bother. Download the media creation tool from microsofts website and if i were you i wouldn't bother with windows 11 it has too many issues and not enough worthwhile improvements. Use 10 instead.

I reinstalled a clean slate of windows 10 on my old computer with a usb as doing a "factory reset" doesn't actually delete any preinstalled lag ware. If you want a true clean slate no less than a true full re install is the only way to go.
Thanks for the help! Javier if you’d really like to know, I was initially in this neck of the woods to research some things about my new Lexus LS 430. I’ve been having new problems surface with the radiator and now the tilt motor in it. I came across this forum about computers and figured why not kill two birds with one stone! Tah Dah! Here I am.
I do appreciate all the help. I’ll try a few of the suggestions.