Wife’s retirement gift…

My wife retired from the USPS on 12/30/22 so….we bought her a little red sports car { imagine that }! She has always loved the Pontiac Solstice and had been checking them out on the WWW for a couple of years. She would occasionally find one in an EBay listing and ask me what I thought. Unfortunately the ones she liked were always a buy and fly proposition and she refused to buy one sight unseen. Well she found an always garaged, one owner, 2008 aggressive red GXP turbo 2.0T LNS engine with 31,000 miles with the automatic and with every desirable option that she wanted…an hour away. It had been driven an average of roughly 2,000 miles a year with a clean Carfax service history and still had the original 15 year old Goodyear Eagle directional tires on it :eek:! After a test drive and with my approval and a somewhat leap of faith, we bought it on the spot. We gingerly drove it home on back roads and had new Uniroyal Power Paw 245/45/Z18 tires installed this past Monday and it drives like new, compared to the day we brought it home. I was actually prepared to put new tires and shocks on it after buying it because it rode so bad with the old tires. I never imagined new tires would make such a huge difference and the shocks are fine btw. I’m leaning towards Mobil1 5w30 ep for the DI engine…thoughts? I’ll be asking lots of questions about oil, transmission fluid, diff oil etc in the near future.(y)
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DiL’s twin sister has had one for years - among other more “working “ vehicles …
Really a cool ride 😎
Excellent vehicle and hats off to your wife for finding it. One note of advice, I would change the coolant as soon as you can if there is no record of a previous change. Make sure you use the appropriate designated Dexcool spec coolant as a replacement.