Why is Mobil Drive Clean a good oil?

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Jan 16, 2003
Shippensburg, PA
I’ve seen this product recommended on here, and I have looked at the spec sheet to try to determine what makes it a good oil. I am a “newbie” here, so I am still learning, however, the specs do not seem to be very impressive. Plus, I understand it is mostly group I. Is this true? Wouldn’t this make it inferior to a Group II oil with a decent additive package? Can someone explain?

BTW…. I have used this oil exclusively for the past several years in various vehicles, and I have never had oil related problems. This forum has me thinking that there may be better oil available for comparable prices.
That Mobil Drive Clean is a Group I oil is a persistent rumor that I have yet to see documented. Since Mobil has invested considerable sums in its own hydrocracking and isodewaxing system, I find it unlikely that they would continue to use Group I in their oils. Also, it has been widely documented that it's virtually impossible to meet the GF-3 specs on Group I alone. It can be done, however, with a blend of Group I and Group III, or Group I and PAO.
I think it has put up some good analysis results if you look at those threads.
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