Why all the Dislike for Chysler/Dodge/Jeep auto's

I also think that all brands now may have some duds. All this direct injection and turbo charged engines, hybrid batteries etc. Fuel economy trump's reliability and we are in store for many new issues in the years to come. I read about a lot of ford f150s with timing chain issues and can phasers etc. Those are expensive repairs as well.
Everyone hates Chrysler because we have repeated threads like this with the same folks repeating the same posts.

Remember the emoji we had of beating the dead horse? Insert here -->
Here you go
Personally, I’m not a fan. Have had trouble with them in my family with lots of leaks and other things that shouldn’t have failed.
I shy away from any Chrysler product after my dad owned a few when I was growing up ..he had more problems with them than enough ..I guess I just got a bad taste in my mouth from all that
Everyone hates Chrysler because we have repeated threads like this with the same folks repeating the same posts.

Remember the emoji we had of beating the dead horse? Insert here -->

It's the same with Hyundais/Kias. The non-owners who have never driven one, never worked on one, and wouldn't buy one. Very credible threads (sarcasm).

Then there are the "I will never buy a new car thread"-because it will ruin my financial security.......
For me, never owned one and neither did my parents; GM family when i was growing up and now Toyota; it is the accumulated stories like I see on here and friends experiences

155K is a mileage most people would not hesitate snapping up a used corolla, camry with 0 worries that another 100K is likely. That is a tough bar to compete against.

Coworker was told some suspension components were worn out on her Patriot; it has < 30K miles. (stories like that)
I would happily own and drive a Chrysler product made before 1974. Since then, the company has been bought and sold more times than I can even count, and the product design and quality reflects this instability. There are some exceptions... the Charger and Challenger seem to have a very devoted following, but maybe it's just because of the Hemi engines and cool styling and not so much the overall quality of the product? The latest Viper was an awesome car but very few people were willing to fork out that much cash, given the market competition from Corvette, Mustang and GT. So sadly, Viper fell on its face. The Durango is starting to look a little desperate lately although I like what SRT is doing (or what the bean counters allow them to do).
Don't get me started with Jeeps, take a look at their lineup and tell me how many are actually "trail rated" LOL... Jeep is cashing in on their heritage instead of building solid products like they used to. Again there are some exceptions... the Rubicon and Gladiator are real Jeeps. But most of the other modern Jeep products are simply cars in Jeeps clothing... Liberty, Compass, even the Cherokee... they are all cars with SUV bodies, some of them very light duty and not keeping with the Jeep tradition. Jeep should stick to what they do/did best instead of these weak attempts to make a little more money in the compact market. The company has other brands for those types of products and it just makes Jeep look bad and desperate. If I'm shopping for an SUV, I'd rather have a RAV4 or Highlander that will go 300,000 miles without falling apart.
The owner never told me it broke down and only admitted it after I asked him why he was driving another car when he just bought his Jeep.

like I said , I do not even know what caused his brand new Jeep to break down, twice, and leave him stranded. It’s definitely let him down, big time, twice and is back at the dealership.

I have driven several Honda’s and Toyota’s and have not had any serious issues ( knock on wood ) and most had over 300,000 miles on them ( had to replace wheel bearing, alternator, air conditioner clutch ....original engine clutch , exhaust, ).
Had a 2009 Venza, spent $3000+ on rear hub, wheel speed sensors, all 4 struts, suspension bushings, all out of warranty, all at less than 60,000 miles. City driven car.
Good luck here. 73 Fury given to brother at 205,000 miles, 79 Chrysler wrecked with 190,000 on clock, 85 Dodge Omni given to eldest daughter with 200,000 miles running great. 95 Ram 1500 traded with 185,000 miles, and currently have 2006 Dakota with 159,000 miles. All were taken care of, with no major issues. My parents bought a 68 Chrysler Newport that finally rusted to death with approximately 280,000 miles(odometer broke for last 2 years of use). That car had original transmission, and 383 that never had internal work done to it.
I've had two Chrysler products... a 2007 T&C and a 2011 T&C. My opinion of Chrysler products is one from being an owner of Chrysler products.

On the 2011, the Power Steering rack failed at 46,000 miles. The bushings in the front end were used up, and clunking by 60,000 miles (common problem). The rear A/C failed at 76,000 miles (common problem - $1400 repair). The TIPM was a total piece of rubbish (common problem), and it occasionally wouldn't start... or worse yet, it would remote start itself (as in inside an enclosed garage, which is attached to the house!). The fake Chrysler plastic leather split open on the seats. The brake rotors were crap. And once it started rusting, it was a runaway train.

The problem with the rear A/C condensor was a known issue for several years. Yet Chrysler didn't feel the need to improve on it for years and years.

The 2011 probably did more to sour me on Chrysler products than anything. It is why a Ram wasn't even in consideration when I bought the 2017 GMC Sierra.

I guess I earned my opinion about Chrysler products the hard way.
My Dad has always been a GM man and has had really good luck with them. I bought myself a 05 Cadillac STS V8 that was a fun, fast, attractive car.. when I wasn't working on it which was almost constantly. After I lost a timing chain and had to put another engine in it I decided enough was enough and I went and bought my Ram. I needed a 4 door truck, I liked the Ram the best and I got the fun of telling my dad that I had to go over to mother Mopar to get myself a reliable vehicle.. haha

My Wife's CRV needed a radiator, starter and a/c compressor all before 120k. I'm not mad at it, but I certainly don't think that Honda is 10x better than anything else on the road either..

Personally I think all brands have some winners and some losers. Drive whatever you like the best and don't worry about what everyone else thinks.
Had a 2009 Venza, spent $3000+ on rear hub, wheel speed sensors, all 4 struts, suspension bushings, all out of warranty, all at less than 60,000 miles. City driven car.
My wife had a 06 Highlander 4 cyl....AC went out at 60k.....Trans went out at 88k....starter went at 30k.....we must have put 5 batteries in the car also.....it ate them. I was hoping it would be like my 90 Camry.....it was far far from it. After she died in 2018 I did not want the car and gave to one of her kids.
I have owned a 1992 Plymouth Sundance Duster and a 2003 Dodge Durango. The Duster needed a new radio, and a new ignition coil. That was it other than routine maintenance.

The Durango needed the A/C system replaced. Covered under warranty and fixed in less than 2 days. Again, that was it other than routine maintenance.

My parents had a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. No issues other than routine maintenance.

I have no issues at all with Chrysler products and would buy another if they improve their safety ratings. They are starting to fall behind in that category.
Oh my. Just spoke with my friends who are AT THIS MOMENT looking at 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokees around Albany, NY.

They've a 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GT (6 cyl. geared transmission) w/~90K they want to trade.

All I can do is pray.
Brother in law and myself both bought used minivans around 2012, We bought an 05 Odyssey and he bought an 05 T&C. The comparison wasn't even close. The T&C rusted out so fast and nickel and dimed him to give it up 3 years ago. To this day the Odyssey is still running great with 0 major repairs.