Which is a good oil extractor?

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Sep 21, 2011
Looking for advice on a good oil extractor (through the dipstick tube). I assume an electric is better than a manual pump. Good recommendations?
I have a Mityvac and I like it. But in retrospect, first I would have gone for a cheap electric or even hand pump without a reservoir that would put the used oil directly into the container that goes for recycling. Where the Mityvac has come in useful is when I remove ATF, I can see the exact amount removed and put that back in.
I've had a topsider and now a Tempo (which looks alot like the mightyvac) The Tempo has lasted longer; but I'm sure both are fine.
I’ve been looking at these as well. Is there any real difference between the Mityvac 7400 and 7201? Size obviously but the 7201 has the pump separate from the tank.
Have several of the large HFT units and love them. For pumping directly into a container, I have had fantastic experience using the "orange pump" hand pump kit you find under a million brands at a million places. Using the little black hose, it will suck 8 hot quarts out of a 454 with surprisingly few pumps. Trick is to give it time to fill with oil on the suction stroke. Removes a lot of oil with each pump.
Another vote for the Topsider. I use mine to pull trans fluid out of my Dodge Caravan and changing oil in mowers. The Topsider has several small gaskets that must be in place to work. I tend to lose things, so, I keep all small parts in a ziplock bag stored with the Topsider.
Bought this one on sale from Pep Boys for about $50. https://www.pepboys.com/product/details/9355459/00247?quantity=1 I'm sure an electric pump would work faster, but this one works quickly enough for me. I like the 6l reservoir because my used oil is going to go into the container for the new oil and I need to have a temporary spot for it. I think the person who complained in the reviews about it only holding 4 quarts must have had a different unit, mine holds the ~5.4 quarts of oil from the FXT with room to spare. Also like the gradations on the reservoir to let me see just how much I've sucked out.
Get on ebay and get a fuel transfer pump which hooks up to your vehicles 12 battery. Get two plastic tubes, one to stick in the dipstick and one to dump into your oil dump.
Just to be different, I bought the Pela one a few years ago. I've never used it for engine oil, but I've used it for many ATF drains. It works well.
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