which filter would you use first ?

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Aug 26, 2009
i have a 2003 ford taurus with a 3.0 vin code u vulcan. I recently aquired 2 different filters from an estate sale , probably as a throw in in a box lot. I will probably use both ,but I thought one might be better than the other for the synthetic oil I am planning on using. The 2 filters are : a fram tough guard #tg-3600 A S.T.P. s3600 not an e-core Here are the specs from each Part Number: S3600 Weight: 0.55 lbs Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes By-pass Valve: Yes Filtering Material: Advanced Micro Pore Technology Filter Media Gasket Material: Rubber Non Slip Grip: No Oil Filter Diameter (in): 2.96 Oil Filter Height (in): 4.44 Oil Filter Type: Spin-On/Canister Removal Nut: No Part Number: TG3600 Weight: 0.55 lbs Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes By-Pass Valve: Yes Diameter (In): 2.98 Height (In): 4.92 Filter Type: Oil Filtering Material: Cellulose/Synthetic Blend Gasket Material: Nitrile Rubber Non Slip Grip: Yes Oil Filter Type: Spin-On/Canister
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Neither - I'd use a Motorcraft or Purolator filter.
If I had to use one for extended drain. I use the Tough Guard as it's rated for 7500 miles. Not a fan of either filter, but Tough Guard would be better on the two. Tough Guard has the Cellouse/Synthetic blend material which would do better for extended drain.
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A Vulcan cares nothing about oil or filter. We owned one, and it was fine on Fram OCDs for years, and it was fine on everything from 5W-20 to 0W-30 to 5W-50 to 15W-40. Use these two filters without worry on this unfussy engine. The 3.0 Aerostar we owned made me appreciate just how good Ford products could really be as long use vehicles. We had the beast for thirteen years and 176K before our younger son totalled it. No need for anything beyond brakes, tires, plugs and wires (once) and a starter.
There really is no benefit IMO of using one or the other first. You are going to use both of them correct? Flip a coin because both will do fine on that engine.
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