When Did Tire Rack Become so Expensive?

I always enjoyed their concept when they first came out. Occasionally I would get on there and see what different wheels and tires would look like on the template. Now either quick Lane or Honda will call me and tell me they have a sale on Yokohama tires or there's a rebate and I just try to shop locally as long as it's within reason. Getting the free rotation and nitrogen from either place helps. Also if I get a nail anywhere in the tire even if it's in the walls they just replace the tire.
The last time I bought from Tire Rack was early this year for the Focus and the Yokohama tires I wanted were $450 give or take a bit. Locally the Discount Tire told me they couldn't get those tires. In fact they told me they couldn't get the tires I wanted on my last five cars with four being WSW versions of the Hankook tires I wanted. They said only BSW was available even when I said the website says WSW.
I reluctantly bought my last tires from Walmart. Buying online and pickup/install in store makes it painless. I even canceled my DT charge card. Their sales are a joke now. It was nice while it lasted.
I have bought tires from amazon, jet, discount tire, Walmart.com.
My most recent tires I purchased from Walmart. It is a set of snow tires for the wifes Hyundai Palisade. I got a size that is comparable to the stock size and is only off by 9 revolutions. Its a set of 4 Bridgestone blizzack dmv-2. 235-65-18 $72 each. I bought a set of kia 18” rims off craigslist $200. I mounted them my self on my front porch. I swapped my tpms from my old explorer snow tires they were only a year old. The tpms are a aftermarket type and are programable and reprogram-able.
Balancing was $60. I sold the old explorer snow tires/wheels for $400.
My point is that sometimes you have to look out side the box. Check for alternative sizes that would be appropriate for your application. Watch for speed and weight ratings and don't significantly alter your size. One thing to keep in mind with speed rating is that if a car is born with 149 mph speed rated tires many shops won’t sell you anything less. Some won’t sell you or install these “off” sizes. I get around it by bringing them in off the car. On my suv I did drop the speed rating from V 149mph to S 112mph
I dont EVER plan on driving 112mph especially on winter tires. I did increase the load rating i got 106 2094lbs it has 102 which is 1874lbs this does not give you license to over load but it does give me piece of mind that it is more than adequate.
I used to buy tires from them for over 20 years until about 3 years ago, prices went up and became uncompetitive, about same time they changed management. For me, I found good deals on Amazon and other online retailers.