Wheels stolen!

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Apr 8, 2012
Well guyz, last nite while i was sleeping my rims and tires were stolen from my truck, 2013 GMC Sierra, I live in an apartment complex here in San Antonio, TX. My family and myself are new to the city, I am a recently separated veteran who decided to relocate to San Antonio because of an awesome job opportunity. All has been well up until now, we eventually want to buy a house here and make it our home. I do understand that it's probably just the apartment life, it comes with turf. I thought stuff like this only happened in the movies, guess not. Police report filed, insurance claim made, truck is at the shop. What can I do to prevent this from happening again? Police officer advised me that wheel locks wouldn't have prevented this, these guyz are "professionals", last a night a hood was stolen off of a Chrysler 300 as well, crazy part is that they didn't even break into the vehicle to get the hood. So its not considered a burglary but rather just property theft, hardly a felony in my case, but the hood maybe? Insurance adjuster told me that last night around the same side of town 3 more GM trucks Texas editions lost their wheels as welll, that the wheels on my truck are a hot item, wish i would have known. Chrome clad GM wheels, fake chrome! Cheap steel covered in shiny plastic! I love the look of my truck, but really? Fake chrome?
That is a real shame. While wheel locks may not stop them, it may make them want to keep looking for a truck without them.
How to keep it from happening again? Just put on some cheap black steel wheels. Not much interest in stealing those.
I am sorry for your bad experience. San Antonio is a large city.

A common sight is older multicolored trucks. Body parts from 2 or 3 different colored stolen trucks. New glass, new wheels and tires. New stereo, new battery. That's what you end up with after your stolen older truck is recovered. There are popular models lists for new and used most stolen vehicles. If you don't want to be a victim, choose a model that's not on a list.
Sorry to hear that. I just googled what they look like and they are nice wheels. May want to look into Armor Wheel Locks and see if they make a kit that would work for you. I'm sure nothing is 100% effective though.

What kind of market is there for wheels?? Do they just sell them as "take offs"? Do they sell them as used replacements for body shops when someone damages a wheel and insurance specifies used? When a base model truck wants an upgrade? Who knows, bu it sux either way.
^If those are the same brand of tires and match the description of yours then send the phone numbers to the police. I'll leave the phone numbers here incase the post gets deleted. That post was posted this morning (Thursday) and the date stamp in the picture that's says its from July could be set wrong in a camera easily.

They're Continental brand tires

"Calls ONLY to (210) 233-9333 / Text ONLY (210) 454-0463"
buy some nice wheels and tires....
Wash and wax the truck.
Camp out with the shotgun and shoot the thugs when they try again

#make sure u don't shoot the truck#
Same brand, good year eagles ls2, how should I go about reporting this to the police? Posted 13 days ago but refreshed today the 16.
Only problem I see is that unless you have any way of positively identifying them (tire serial numbers, markings etc), he may be a wheel and tire shop and can say they were trade ins when someone got some aftermarket ones. Wonder if the dealer may have tire serial numbers on file (for any tire recal reasons)??? Worth a shot..
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