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Dec 21, 2004
Sudbury, Ontario
I think every taxi I've been in has had the ABS light on! Is there a real problem with North American car ABS systems that causes them to die far before the rest of the car? Air Conditioning seems to be the same way...not worth fixing. I've had two GMC work trucks with dead ABS systems. One had a cut wire to a front wheel so I can't say that GM was at fault. My boss wouldn't fix it and I ended up jacknifing the truck. I feel that the ABS system locked the wheels on me and wouldn't let go...I may be wrong. The other truck had a night time failure. The battery was dead in the morning so we charged the truck. The ABS pump was growling so I pulled the ABS maxifuse and all was well. Dunno if the boss fixed that one either...I had to return to school the fall. Steve
I guess you've never ridden in a RWD Cadillac Fleetwood without ABS. One taxi company I frequented brought in a bunch of people from a Caribean Island to drive for them...during the winter! After a couple fun-filled rides I started dealing with another taxi-co. [Big Grin] Cheers, Steve
I ran my first car with ABS, a 92 Grand AM, 10 years and 180K with never a problem with the ABS. I never changed brake fluid either. I have 3 years and 60K on my Cavalier, same story, except I haven't done anything on it yet. It seems every winter, the highly polished ice starts further back from the intersection than the last. I love ABS. Could be my cars don't get the abuse some things do. When I worked at the brake shop, the old coot that owned it maintained he could easily tell the difference in a truck driven by the owner and one by the help.
Originally posted by Steve S: ABS sucks it is another item people think is a good idea to buy but not to repair.
said it all... People think theyre upscale, deserving of fancy stuff, and get it put onto their cars. but usually, theyre so intent on trying to show off or one-up others, that they end up in debt and not maintaining things as they should be, and they sooner or later fail. JMH
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