What's your opinion - 0W-30 or 5W30?

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Sep 5, 2003
My wife's new Toyota Camry 3.0L is nearing the 1st scheduled oil change and according to the owners manual, it is now allowed to use synthetic oil. The car is used for short trips, (2-3 miles avg), and is always garaged where even in winter the temp in the garage rarely, if ever, gets below 60F. The manual recommends a 5W30. Since the car sees so many short trips, would there be any advantages or disadvantages to a 0W30 over the 5W30? (The summer temp occassionally get to 100F) Thanks again!
With your sunny Cal. climate I doubt your engine could tell a difference between the two. I am a dino guy, but if you must use synthetic, 5w30 is very easy to find in stock and will provide all the 'cold' start protection you need.
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