What’s your filter for beater car/ seldom driven vehicle?


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Katy, Republic of Texas
My F150 is driven a few times a month (on rainy days when I can't ride my motorcycle to work or need to move/haul stuff).

I have not even driven 2,000 miles in the past year (changed the oil 5/3/20, have 1,965 miles since that time), current filter is a Mobil1 210a on it.
Why, because I got it with a M1 oil and filter deal at AutoZone a while back.
Next filter will probably be a Fram TG2. Why, because it was on clearance for $2.
I do have a XG10575 that I may use (it is an undersize filter for the PH2). I got it on a whim when I saw it for $5.

I may use the XG next time and do a 5 year OCI since the truck uses a qt of oil ever 1,200 miles.
Home Depot prices stuff competitive with Walmart, it's all orange Fram filters. They're acceptable. Not like I'm going 7.5k between changes.
Never a bad one. Yet.