What's your favorite oil/filter?

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Sep 23, 2014
I've used many oils and filters. My best experience was using Valvoline Maxlife on my 2003 Maxima 3.5L 157k with a Purlator PSL Synthetic. Got many miles out of it 6500 OCI and the oil still looked pretty good when it came out. What's your best experience?
My favorite oil is the one that meets spec's for my car, made by a leading brand, and offers the best discount. That said, I am sticking with PP for now, because the rebates they offer makes it a better value than M1. My favorite filter is NAPA Gold, only because it can be had for a much better price than Wix, when bought during NAPA's semi-annual filter sale.
Depends. Longish drains? HGMO, TGMO, PP, Ultra or M1 + Ultra/K&N/M1. Shortish drains? Whatever oil I got cheaply on clearance or after MIR with a decent low-end filter. This includes M1, PP, QSUD, QTP, G-Oil and Ultra. Oil filters bought cheap on closeout or after MIR include Purolator Classics, P1s and Fram orange cans. I'll use up my remaining Purolators and then avoid them until there is some resolution of the media failures. The much-hated Fram orange cans seem to hold up pretty well over moderate drain intervals and I bought a bunch or them from Lowe's dirt cheap.
Back in the old days (late 70's) it was GulfPride and Fram (or Lee)--not much else in my area for filter selections back then. Today, it is M1 and Fram Ultra (or Motorcraft) depending on the vehicle and OCI. There is a 2011+ Chevrolet Camaro in the near future for me, so that will require selection of a new filter (the fun part), but the oil will remain M1.
I am using the napa gold on my personal vehicles i switched from the purolater classics due to the tear issues.. Its amazing how many people are using fram ultra since purolater quality was exposed. I never used a pure one because i felt although they were good at filtration they are lousy at flow and my oil gauge agrees with me. I always like flow better than anything because like i said before dirty oil protects much better than no oil. It seems that fram and wix are cashing in on the purolater quality issues.
whatever is available. . . .had run M1 and M1 filters (depending on oil change place) for 5000-7500 runs since I bought my truck new. currently running PureOne and Napa Syn 5w30 (which I got after discount for approx $1.30/qt). got tired of paying $100 for a full syn change and now with discounts on filters, I can do it myself for less than $15.
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Back in the 70's it was fram or lee for me also and oil was 10w40 pennzoil every 1500-2000 miles and lots of sludge. Pennzoil is much better now.
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