what's better? clean & leaky or dirty & non-leaky

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
I was just thinking of the fact that cars that have used dino oil for a long time, and then used syn.oil suddenly, which causes the "crud-seals" to clean-up, which leads to oil consumption/leaks etc...

this happened to me, and the consumption, although very little now, still hasn't stopped 100%..but I'm sure my engine is also cleaner than before.

So, what's better?
a dirty engine which uses no oil due to crud-seals, which keeps using dino, or:
a cleaner engine which has a little oil-consumption/leak due to syn.oil being used?

should I be regretting trying syn.oil for a few times, which started the oil consumption at ca.72k miles, or be thankful that the engine is probably cleaner, despite the "usage" of oil...?

(when i look through the oil fill-hole, all is shiny, and i can read the stamped scripts on the internal parts very easily...i wasn't able to do that before tried syn.oil...)
Definitely a cleaner engine running synthetic. I'd run 2 treatments of AutoRx and then switch over to synthetic.
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