What tools do you carry in your vehicle?

Depends on the vehicle, but OE kit plus:

-Oldies, British, spares (disti cap, plugs, couple spare ignition leads, more fuses, terminal and crimpers, shrink tube & lighter, small tube of grease, bulbs, relays and fuel solenoids, etc.), basic socket wrench set, flashlights, and additional bottle jack and full off road kit for the 4x4's.
-P'cars, basic, cheapo, small all in one tool kit, spare DME relays
-DD, my cell phone and AAA card
Not really sure why, but aside from some tools, air pump, flashlight, fire starter kit, basic first aid and a really good, heavy duty and long (30 feet) set of jumper cables I carry two sealed genuine military MRE’s and four water bottles plus a down comforter.

Wish I could “carry“ but in my state that’s an immediate arrest (unless you have my state’s CC) and the vehicle gets impounded. Wish I had a flare gun too but I think that’s also not allowed in my state.

I feel better knowing there is some emergency food and water in the car. You never know…
I just added a Fanttik rechargeable tire inflator; it was kind of pricey but it fits my glove compartment better than the cheapie Slime corded model I also have. But I suppose I can keep one in one car, and the other in another car.
In our odyssey. Jump box, pistol, have some jumper cables, tow strap, blankets, water

VW don’t think anything my wife drives that primarily she would just call me
Folding mechanics pad (Light, keeps me clean, and my back comfortable. Love it)
1/4" and 3/8" socket sets
Steel brush
Torque wrench
Tire gauge
Extensions for socket
Magnetic pick up tool
4x4 wood block
Breaker bar
Ratcheting clamp
And way too much more....
Prior to buying the RV, the only thing in the Truck/Cars was what they came with, and maybe a LiON jump box or a set of jumper cables.

Now I've added a portable compressor, tire pressure gauge, and when traveling a tire plug kit to the truck. There's a small tool kit in the camper and a 4-way tire iron as well.
I am a generally prepared person and carry a battery jump box in all our vehicles. I have a Leatherman in mine but honestly, there isn't much I am going to fix on the side of the road beyond a flat tire and I'm not patching it, I'm putting the donut on and hitting Discount Tire to repair it b/c as I've learned, if you do it yourself, they won't touch it/repair it and they do a good job/from the inside repairs. If I going to an event (Track, show, whatever) then I carry quite a bit of extra things.
Jumper cables, pocket screwdriver, small inflator, and a tire pressure gauge that I trust.
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Some of you may think that some of the listings here are overkill, but it all depends on where you live and/or have been. I've had the pleasure of exploring around the big western states like Califonia (eastern part), Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, the Dakotas, etc. In those states, if you get off the main interstates and highways...you may go for hours without seeing another soul. You may or may not have cell service. So, you'll have to make do with what you have on hand.

Also, when I was living in the Bay Area (California), I took a first trip to Reno. At that time I was driving a car with hardly any gear (I think I had a store bought roadside emergency kit). Well, while in Reno, I decided to explore the area around Pyramind Lake which is located on a reservation where most of the roads are not paved (at that time). I got really stuck on one of those unpaved roads and was lucky to get out of there. So, now I drive the vehicle I drive with the gear I have...