What tools do you carry in your vehicle?

Jan 9, 2010
Los Gatos, CA
Yesterday I went to Capitola to visit my niece and grand nieces. Wendy was at the gym; she called and her 2015 Odyssey was dead. It sounded like the battery, and I know Honda had replaced one (or two) under warranty. The battery would not take a jump; I think it had a short? Her jumper cables did not even get warm.
I ended up using a cheapo socket set that her brother had. Broken down ratchet and junk 10mm socket.

Pretty lame, because I have a fairly extensive set of tools, doubles and triples, at more than one location.

So, going forward, I will carry a jump box, VOM, 1/4" Harbor Freight socket set that I happen to have laying around, channel lock pliers, std and phillips screwdrivers, gloves and rag. I can put together a 3/8" socket set as well. This will sit under the jump seats in the Tundra. Maybe one of those battery straps to remove heavy batteries in tough locations?

Your thoughts?

By the way, will a jump box start a car with a shorted battery or is it dead?
I only carry a flashlight and a tire gauge in my new / daily driver cars regardless of the journey.

In my old muscle and collector cars on long trips outside of my city I carry a budget socket / wrench set, the ones that come in a medium sized plastic suitcase type holder. I also carry (on long trips); a spare set of breaker points, the correct Allen key to adjust them, a small dwell meter, PS and Alt belts, ignition coil, a jug of H2O and a spare fuel pump. In town / burger drive-in type cruising, just a tire gauge and the point set.
1. 1/2 inch drive long flex head ratchet
2. 1/2 inch drive 3/4 inch deep socket
3. 3/8 inch drive 3/4 inch deep socket
4. 3/8 inch drive spin handle
Cheap set of tools, like a $30 set from HF. Just never know when it will be handy. Tire pump and not much more. Usually… right now, I have a HF 1.5T floor jack and a spare wheel for utility trailer, never got around to removing after this summer…

A HF moving blanket is a handy thing to have too, toss onto the ground or over the seat.
I keep a tool bag in my truck . Sometimes I end up getting involved with a minor home repair at my sister's house and I want to have a few basic tools with me . Screwdrivers , Channel Locks , Linemans pliers , razor knife , claw hammer , Crescent wrench , center punch , and a few other odds and ends Wire nuts , black tape , etc.
Multi-bit screw driver, Pliers, Snap blade utility knife, Crescent wrench and a tow rope.
I think your list is good. Maybe add a set of standard and needle nose pliers. I have my large mechanics tool set of sockets and wrenches and a few Allen wrenches made by Husky in my Escape. I’ve had to use it once or twice to change batteries. I don’t have any pliers or anything in there surprisingly. In my truck I’ve got everything. Pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, pry bars, sockets, various other stuff. Used it quite more because usually when someone needs something I take the truck to fix it. Not much you can do on the road side anymore unfortunately. When I get the Beetle running I’ll have a good stocked tool kit in there cause I know I’ll need it along with extra sets of points and various other parts.
These are what I carry camping. In case I , or a friend needs help.

Rather than repost everything, its a link to the Bitog sister site, RVTHEUS.

My driving is absurdly limited. I carry nothing but a doughnut spare, and my AAA card. I don’t miss driving like I used to.
I've used my plug kit and cheapy 12V air pump more times than all of the other tools combined.
I had to plug and air up an F150’s tire before pulling him out of the mud 🙄 … two pack baby wipe day 😷
(not the only two pack’s involved) …
Long trips
Motor oil antifreeze trans fluid ps fluid
1/2” impact gun, bottle jack, torque wrench
Basic tool kit
Spare serp belt
This, a jump pack, and a tire pump, tire plug kit (and miscellaneous picks, wire cutter, needle nose pliers, gloves, etc):

Not so much to work on my truck but I have friends and relatives always needing something done to their vehicle or around the house.