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Jan 10, 2003
I plan on changing oil today am using pennzoil but what grade to use,5w30 mixed with some 10w30.I plan on keeping oil till end of june.I've read 5w30 has lots of viscosity index improvers that leave deposits behind.I think I might use 3 of 5w30 and 1 of 10w30 or 1 of 10w30 synthetic and 3 5w30 dino oil.Please help.Toronto weather is -5 to -20 lows in winter to 25 celcius in june.Can i mix pennzoil synthetic with pennzoil dino.
plato here I forgot to mention it takes me 6 months to put on 5000 kms.Sometimes I change at 4ooo kms. or 5 months but I don't use car much. the filter should last 6 months but will oil last 6 months or become asidic
If you are using dino-you should go with the 5W-30. I really can't say if your oil will be OK at that time (6 months) If your vehicle condition is good and you drive reasonble you should be O.K.
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