Weird particles in Ford 5.4

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Sep 12, 2002
I did the first oil change today at 517 miles. Its a 2003 Ford E-250. I found yellow solids in the bottom of one oil pan, and I verified that it wasn't there before I dropped the oil. It came out of the oil cooler adapter and not the oil pan. Anyone know what this stuff is? I found stuff that resembled it in the oil filler tube on top - in the engine compartment. I never added anything to the engine since I took delivery of it with 7 miles on the odometer.
Better yellow particles than metal particles [Big Grin] I've seen stuff in various new vehicles that was unexplainable because automakers say they don't use any weird additives(break-in, oil seal conditioners,...). Just straight oil. They're a bunch of liars. Conspiracy, I tell ya! How about some pictures? I wouldn't worry about it. I would also change the oil earlier than needed one more time to make sure that there is nothing else floating around. And, don't ask me what I think about 5w20 motor oil. MPG at the cost of engine wear isn't my idea of good engineering.
Don't worry about the 5W-20 debate [Wink] The yellow particles look like paint particles from a yellow oil filter - only prob is that this was the first oil change. Motorcraft filters are white or grey, not yellow! My next scheduled oil change is at 1000 miles. Then I'm going back to a 3000 mile interval since the engine is relatively broken in.
Thanks! FWIW the oil appear to have a greenish hue when it sat in the oil pan. I cleaned the catch pans to make sure nothing would get caught in there but the oil looked greenish [Confused] Is this standard for Motorcraft 5W-20?
I don't want to put a scare in you but that sounds like antifreeze. I'm not sure if Ford uses green coolant still, or dexcool, but if they do, it's possible that it is. If the truck is new, I really don't think it would be antifreeze. Hopefully someone on here can help you out. [Smile]
Like I said, its only got 517 miles on it right now. It uses Ford Premium Gold (VC-7A) anti-freeze, which is yellow.
My sister-in-law works at the Essex engine plant here in town and wondered where her yellow marking crayon went to..I'll tell her you found it [LOL!]
If I am remembering correctly, I wouldn't worry about the oil-color. Just another way for Ford to verify any engine leaks and whether or not you have ever actually changed the oil. That goes along with the filter that comes from the factory that is different than the Motorcraft FL-820s you buy at the store.
Metroplex...Don't worry about it..if you wouldn't have changed your oil and inspected it that wouldn't have seen anything at the normal change out of's just assembly crap that got washed into the pan.They mark,pistons,rods,cranks you name it it's marked before assembly.It's an ultra-modern plant with a very good record for quality...don't worry about...around here almost everybody works at the big three one way or another...and I've got lots of funny stories to tell.Like an engine comes back with a knocking rag was wrapped around the camshaft..and it still ran [LOL!] ...your truck will be just fine..seriously!
Ahh, a perfect speciman to have the oil filter disected. Is is not uncommon to put torque marks on engine components such as connecting rod nuts/bolts or main bearing caps to verify that they've been torqued. Maybe what you saw was from the paint markings coming off. Possibly there is some residue from the teflon chain guides coming from the timing chains. Peel the filter open and have a look see.
I have a 7.3 and when I did the first oil change it had a weird green color. I have read that it has the dye in it to check for oil leaks. Don't know about the yellow stuff though.
White 03 is correct in that the green color is a dye for the Dealer to check for leaks. All Ford truck engines, gas or diesel come with this in it. The oil looks like Prestone anti-freeze that has a very dark brown hue. The yellow chips are probably paint markings. Some parts are marked for various reasons. I saw that at the assembly plant in KY a couple years ago. No worry on either one though.
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