Wasted Leftover Oil in Quart Bottles

I just take a little bit of gas and rinse out the jug after an oil change and dump it in the tank of my ope. Jug is left clean to recycle or I save a few for future use
Are 2-stroke OPE's really that insensitive towards the type of oil used?
I worked at a filling station with an old guy that drove a '62 Coupe de Kill. After adding oil to cars that would come in a quart low, he'd drain the left overs into an empty container. It took a while but he always had enough oil to do oil/filter changes in the Cadillac.
I've wondered how much the box containers leave... The 5qt jugs work for me and I consolidate the residue into a leftover jug. Use it for top up, whatever.

I tried boxed oil and this was one of the negatives. I tried cutting the bags open with a razor and drained them into, yes a plastic quart bottle. To me defeats the purpose. Now I will only buy boxed when the price point is less than 5 qt jugs. I don't like single quart bottles either for this very reason. I have a few but those are minimal. 5 Qt jugs seem to be the most efficient to date.
I usually let the jugs or quarts hang out upside down for like 10-15 secs to help drain anything off extra.
Somewhere years ago on BITOG I've seen a picture of a oil bottle dripping collection "tree" where techs put all the empties on it upside down and it the oil drip down the trunk into a pan for the oil changes for the shop truck(or maybe a customer's semi synthetic change! :eek: ). I guess this was more common before the 1 gal jugs came along.
I use this to collect from my qts and gallon oil bottles.

The 2 strokes aren't legal here so it isn't really a big deal here. Actually in Santa Barbara City all gas powered lawn tools are banned.
We have a township surrounding a state university where only reel mowers are allowed. Now that's not bad if you have a small lawn or enjoy the excersise. The township also made it a misdemeaner to detonate a nuclear weapon within city limits. They had a local ordninance banning nuclear materials to pass through, but the State of Maryland preempted them because the local hospital deliveries of nuclear medical supplies kept get stopped and ticketed. No lie.
This town had an ordinance that it couldn't do business with a company that sold to the DOD or DOE departments that produced or stored/would be users of nuclear weapons. That changed after a city police officer lay in a stairwell for 4 hours after being shot. He couldn't call in because they had no working radios. Really. Unreal as it is, they even stopped buying pencils at one point.

PS, this is not political, it is just pointing out some unusual local ordinances related to 2 stroke engines.
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