Was gonna install a filter minder…. But…

May 27, 2008
Parts Unknown

To find a charcoal filter in the airbox lid.

And it’s probably rubbing on my filter

From what i read, it’s for absorption of vapors after shutoff of the engine. Some say it’s quite restrictive others say not really. But it would probably throw off the filter minder
Another filter to replace? Since it's before the air filter it's going to get dirty. I'd be tempted to put it on the shelf whether you put in the minder or not.
I think you have that backwards.. the filter in the lid is after the regular filter.. the air intake pipe attaches at the lid not the base.

Air intake box base >>through reg filter >> through lid filter >> to pipe >>engine.

That filter seems bizarre but we know one thing.. if they thought it wasnt needed.. it wouldnt be there.
i'll have to purchase another top cover to remove it and try it out (and install the filter minder on that).
I believe it is used to muffle intake noise.
Cut it out if you wish.
Yep got it bassackwards. So a charcoal filter in the intake to catch fumes is the next necessary thing to save the planet. Every teeny bit matters.🙄

Apparently it's been on Subies for a while.
If you get a baseline vacuum level on the filter minder with a new air filter installed, then the charcoal panel shouldn't matter because it shouldn't get dirty being located after the air filter.