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Mar 19, 2004
In case some didnt know,Coastal-Unilube was sold in January 2004 to Warren Oil Company of North Carolina (Not the Wal-Mart oil people,Warren Dist./WPP).The new web site of the company is www.warrenunilube.com Warren is the supplier of Advance Auto's house brand of oil at the moment.Since Coastal has changed owners I dont know if Warren will continue to be the Advance Auto supplier or not.Coastal was also the supplier of O'Reilly auto's house brand but they are changing some if not all of their house brand over to Omni Industries.If all of these mergers keep taking place,all oil will come from 2 or 3 companies,which the base stocks do now for the most part.I am afraid that motor oil prices will really get high(my opinion)after the new SM standard goes into effect. [Eek!]
With all of the bash Castrol for Group III business re-rearing its (ugly?) head, I think that Advance Auto's "Compare with Havoline" tag on their bottles is very misleading. I actually thought the stuff was Havoline for quite some time.
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