Vw 2.0 tsi filter - MANN makes STP, WIX, Purolator..etc

Dec 26, 2005
Upper Midwest
Just bought the microgaurd filter from Orielly's and ordered a 5 liter jug of 0w-40 from walmart for 22 bucks. Less than $30 for a full synthetic oil change. I love FCP. Closest I could come would be $48 for Pentosin and a Mann filter. Will be my first change with 0w-40 instead of 5w-40. Would usually get the Moly from FCP or Castrol, but after some reading here, I was talked out of the premium price for Moly. Anything I should look for when switching to the 0-40?
LIke what? They are both 40-grade oils.

Unless maybe you're trying to start the car unaided at -45F. Maybe.
Jan 25, 2003
Decatur AL USA

Orielly filter has Made in Germany on it.. 5 fricken dollars.

I'm not surprised. When the 2.7 Ecoboost first came out all the cartridge filters were made in Germany. Everyone bought the same filter from the same supplier.

Of course they were all a ridiculous price like $14 - 22 at the big name auto parts. I just went to the Motorcraft Distributor and got one for $5.50.