Using FRAM Ultra (XG11665) For 20K Miles with Four 5K OCs

50K and not change the oil at all? ...... In fact, without bypass filtration, there is no PCMO that is going to last 50K.
But why don't you test it and report back?
I knew a family in LaCrosse, Wisconsin back in the middle 1990's that did exactly this on Mobil 1 -

- every vehicle in the family went 50,000 miles per oil change, on Mobil 1 exclusively.

I should have asked how often the filer was changed - - but I was too much in shock (awestruck?) to think to ask.
Have been running this filter based on a PM from the OP …
I did early an early change and low mileage change and both the Mopar and XG were wavy
Whilst I share concerns of cycles on the housing - doing 2x5K, use SuperLube, and this wrench