Used tires: what do you folks do with yours?

Mar 12, 2015
In the shop
My dad uses one or two to split firewood chunks so the wood doesn’t fly out. I take mine to work as we pay maybe $1-2 per tire. The recyclers shred them apart, take the metal out of them and they reuse the rubber. Just wondering what you folks do with yours.
I let the seller of the new tires take them and dispose of them properly. Once or twice I’ve held onto a tire to use as a decent full size spare.
I also let the seller or installer of my new tires properly dispose of my old ones. There is usually a tire disposal and recycling fee, typically around $3/tire in addition to the $1 per tire fee the state imposes when you purchase new tires.

I have no alternative use for old tires and do not want them around.
Tire disposal is part of the installation package price when I get new tires, but for other things like my riding mower, there's a recycling program that accepts them (among other large things) for free a couple days in a row every year, so I just hold onto them until then. I mean because I mount them myself, if I were having some shop/dealer do it then I'd just pay them the ~couple bucks to dispose of them.

What a ripoff my local lawn mower dealer is, not only did they want $30 to mount tires (can't recall if it was for 2 or each tire), they also wanted 50% more for the tires than I could get same for online including shipping, almost $100 each.
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Our city-operated recycling centre takes them for free. I don't often end up with un-mounted used tires to dispose of, as the old ones are generally being replaced with new at the tire shop.
If I'm stuck with them, my town highway dept will take up to 4 used tires per household once, maybe twice per year. What ever the date is on the garbage collection / recycle schedule for the particular year.
I've always threatened to burn my old tires on "earth day" but the reality is, I don't have any old tires. I always use a service to change all my tires, that way they dispose of the old ones. Even the golf cart and tractor tires need to be recycled.
We pay a $4.00 tire levy here on new tires that covers the cost of recycling the old tires. So we can bring old tires to a recycling depot for free.

I don't keen any old tires around except to old cracked ones on my winter storage rims for my mustang.
Haven’t had a problem at the transfer station, not sure but maybe $10 per tire? usually though I buy at a shop and its just part of the OTD price.
I need to go where you are. They charge $10/ea tire disposal fee when you BUY the tires new, then charge another $10 a tire when you throw them out.

I usually sell the tires before they get too low on tread. If I do run through then I just pay the shop to dispose of them.
The recycling station no longer take them. You are to leave them with the retailer of your new tires. There is a recyling fee that needs to get paid up front. If you purchase used tires from someone, you just throw the old ones in an abandoned gravel pit and that is the downfall in the government recycling strategy.
My local tire shop charges $8-10 to dispose of them. I usually just list them on CL or marketplace for $10 for all of them and someone takes them.