Unhappy/annoyed/frustrated/PO with the mobile marine mechanic

I'm intrigued by people that have passion for boating, horses, and backyard swimming pools. I respect their interests and passion, I just don't understand it, LOL. For me, I don't have that kind of discretionary money, so it is a non problem. Heck, I still haven't purchased the canoe that I think/imagine that I want. Everyone marches to the beat of a different drummer!

I do empathize with Donald's pain. It's so hard to find decent trades people. I have a "personal mechanic" that is a professional MOPAR dealer mechanic by day, and a well equipped home garage mechanic after hours. I trust him thoroughly and tip him generously.
Just think about aircraft ownership ! My daughter has 2 sport horses and I am always slipping her a few thousand here and there to help with the costs of her horse addiction . I enjoy the Horses though.
All mechanics mark up parts, he had to do some research to find a replacement part.

But I agree the no part number thing is no bueno.
Well this was matching up a mechanism in your hand to a picture on EBAY. It could look right but still not fit due to hole spacing, size, thickness.

I see another VP shifter that looks similar to mine but with a different part number. Is it just the trim or mechanism or both? Hard to tell.

No return back to seller is an issue.
It's prime boating season. Everyone/place claims to be short staffed, backlogged and parts are scarce and expensive.

I doubt your average boat repair shop would treat you any better in terms of cost and shadiness at the moment, other than maybe insisting on OEM parts.
Well I would hope most decent businesses would not alter the price based upon how much they think you can afford. I think this guy was doing that.
I have had a few boats in my life I did all the work on them my self and they were lots of fun . I totally enjoyed the time I spent boating., Drag boats, outboard fishing type boats and a day cruiser inboard. You don't buy a boat or plane and expect it to be low cost. Hopefully you will get the bugs worked out and enjoy your time on the water.
It's not the cost. It's the feeling of being taken advantage of. And I don't think he is as careful as I would be making sure you do not scratch or damage the boat when removing or reinstalling a part.
One other thing I should mention is my last boat sat on a trailer for many years as I worked on it. Each year more work, but not quite ready to go in the water. I am not complaining, I enjoy working on my boat.

Wife thinks my boats sit on a trailer and never go in the water.

So after waiting all of 2021 for parts to rebuild the outdrive, I need to get this boat in the water and take wife out for a boat ride.
Marine mechanics are the worst. Its a seasonal job for most of them unless you are in the far south so the big dealerships that can afford to keep someone on the payroll through the winter keep the best. There were guys who made a living rebuilding inboards and outboards during the winter in their shop and repairing boats in the summer but many of them have aged out of the business and new outboards are so complex that you really need factory support. On top of all that the last 20 years have seen boat sales through the roof and no new mechanics coming into the field.
If you have the time the best you can hope for is to call your local dealer and ask if they have a mobile mechanic, most do because they work on boats to big to be trailered in, but I warn you the last time my son called one the soonest appointment was 3 mos out and they still had to push him back. The boating season was all but over by the time the repair was done.