two part road racing question

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Dec 3, 2002
los angeles county
on weds. im going to take my b16a honda civic to willow springs international raceway which is a 9 turn 2.5 mile road course. i plan on racing my car for about 200 milesor so. i have two question to ask you guys. the first is that since i dont have a baffled oil pan, would it be okay to run .25-.5 quarts over the full line to keep my motor for starving for oil in the turns? the second question is when should i change the oil i run on at the track? should i change out the oil immediately after i get back from the track or should i run a interval of 3000 miles? well im going be running GC 0w-30 and a toko roki oem honda filter. i plan on doing a UOA on the oil in my car right now (4800 miles) and the oil the i use at the track. thanks in advance.
Don't shorten the interval at all. I would go at least 5k(depending how current UOA looks). If it can't handle that, a new oil choice is in order...
I think you would be ok to run the oil for the full 3000 mile interval. Maybe just change the filter for good measure. If you are using a special fuel or somthing that is corrosive you might want to change it sooner. I will run oil in my race bike for a season or until a cook a clutch.
I would change it at 3000 miles because of the racing. This appears to be great oil for your application. And add the extra oil to keep it from oil starvation on the track. Good luck!
oilcanboyd, install an engine pressure guage in your car if it's gonna see track duty. Oil temp would also be a nice touch but the factory water temp guage is probably sufficient. Any sign of dropping oil pressure and it's time to duck into the pits and take a breather. If your pressure is remaining constant under race conditions, you're probably OK. If not, you'll want to take it easier that day and consider a better oil in the future. --- Bror Jace
Oilcanboyd: Have fun at Willow! I've raced that track many times, and you'll have a blast. I don't know the ramifications of overfilling Honda engines for racing -- I know that some BMW M3's, for example, could fry their engines if they weren't overfilled before track events, something that evidently either wasn't known, or disclosed, by the factory, something like that. But unless you're running R-compound tires (slicks or combo street/racing tires), the side forces you'll generate are most likely within what Honda's engineers anticipated since they know that some number of drivers will push the envelope in ways like this. To use an arbitrary number, overfilling by a modest 10% probably shouldn't pose a problem, if overfilling is even necessary. If your engine is healthy, track events won't necessarily trash your street car's oil -- I never noticed this to be a problem for my combination street/track cars, although I did shorten drain intervals down to no more than 4.5K-5K miles for those cars. Make sure to overfill your tires at a Lancaster gas station before heading to the track so you can readily bleed them down to whatever pressure you like once at the track.
What the weather out there like for this week? In my 2001 Celica GT-S at Big Willow and Streets I have seen oil temps gettting cloes to 300*F without an oil cooler. I changed the oil out after the track day to be safe. Those temps wer ewith high ambient temps though, around 100-110 (sucks, huh). BTW what company are you going with?
I reckon for a prolong track event like that, the 30wt is gonna thin out like water cos the temps are going to be alot higher than normal. I'd ditch it now and put some M1 0W-40 or 15w-50 in its place, if your serious about preventing wear as a first priority, not about an immearuable change in power. And I know some ppl will jump up and down sayin its too thick. BS. Not when the oil temps are >110C. Using 30wts during prolonged track use is no good, no matter what the car. I'd also fill it up about 250-500mls over the Full mark on the dipstick. That should be ok! And yeah, i'd skip on Redline oil too, cos its too expensive to use for a short interval. And Btw, just change the oil when you get home....
Oilcanboyd, I have raced Superbike for many years and the protocol we used was to change the oil after the event when we got home. It is just cheap insurance. Why risk running sheared, substandard oil for another 4k miles when all it costs you to change it is $30 or so. And stay with the 30wt oil if you want to generate any speed down the straights. Jeff
Boloney. No need to change the oil. Red Line is not too expensive for short interval, because YOU DONT NEED TO SHORTEN IT. Supercharged Maxima on here with 8k miles on RL, many track days. Fine. VW w/RL 5k miles, MANY track days, almost like new! One track day is nothing. Like I said, if you think you need to change the oil, you should consider a different oil.
I have raced Superbike for many years and the protocol we used was to change the oil after the event when we got home.
a bike is a little different because after the race you have bits of clutch floating in your oil. i used to work for a guy (prepping his car) that raced a 911 in poa/pca events at willow. we changed the oil at the end of the races and you could smell the race fuel in it. that was a heck of a ride around the track!! drifting 3 to 4 to 5 to 6 then drifting 8 to 9. have fun!! [Cheers!]
Oilcan, fwiw, my friend was running Amsoil 30 weight, forget if it was 0w or 10w30 in his 2001 Honda Prelude. He noticed the oil pressure dropping as he got later on into the lapping day. He needed to cool off the car in the pits for the pressure to go back up. If you have a pressure gauge and you can monitor that behaviour then try the 0w30.. If you can't monitor the oil pressure then I'd use a 40 weight just to be on the safe side. [ October 08, 2003, 06:09 PM: Message edited by: Quick_lude ]
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