Two Motorcraft FL400S Filters Cut Open

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MC, the oil filter approved by Vette owners!

Your bait is getting stale, lol.

LOL! I will try harder.
I bought an FL-400S for my next OCI. I'm even moving up the oil food chain. I will be using Amsoil SS 5W30.

Oh dratz! My son bought a NAPA GOLD oil filter to use on my engine today. I guess the FL-400S will have to wait until the next OCI.
But, for you 820S haters, I will be cutting open the one that was removed from my sons engine today. And, he went back with another 820S. He too knows a GREAT oil filter as well!
(Flame suit on!)
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Kind of like in the legal system we don't flame those who are incapable of comprehending the entirety of the situation.

You're getting better.
Anyway, I will be cutting the 820S Monday or Tuesday.
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No worries.

I wonder what those, not just me, think about you?

You changed your original post, why?

Why? This is America, and I'm an American. So, it's my freedom to do so.
Honestly, it really doesn't bother me what anyone here thinks about me!
My go to filter was the Motorcraft FL820S. I really wanted an answer to the question: “was my go to filter subject to the same problems as the Purolator P1?” So, I decided to start cutting them open to find out for sure. Low and behold the first one I cut open had two nicely developed tears. I then decided to start a cleanup. I purchased a dozen PH820, 6 each WIX 51372 and 6 each AC Delco PF1250 for use on short oil changes. Before I sold the 2004 Ford Ranger / 4L V6, I had switched to Fram TG2 filters and Valvoline AFS. The Ranger was running very well when I sold it. The moral of this story is if you want to know you have to dissect the filter on each oil change. The people who say the FL820S oil filter has issues are absolutely correct. I have used all of the following without issues: Champ PH820, AC Delco PF1250, WIX 51372, NAPA Gold, Fram PH2, Fram TG2 and STP S2.