Twitter & job cuts

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My I.Q. is negative 4.276 but I was blessed to live in a nation where there is opportunity to be able to be all I can be. In retrospect it isn't that hard.
I made every stinkin' mistake in the world. Thanks to AA, CA education and Silicon Valley opportunity, I got to start life over in my middle 30's and still end up OK.
Was it hard? It was cake compared to the way I used to live.
I thought of StarLink after hearing he never helps anyone …
From Fortune magazine:

Musk once said that if you care about the reality of doing good and not the perception of doing good, then it is very hard to give away money effectively.”
Last November, he donated $5.7 billion “to charity” without disclosing any further details. It is not clear where his money has gone. But if this donation is legitimate, it would rank Musk as America’s 2nd biggest donor after Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates last year.

The criticism of Elon Musk fails to acknowledge that innovation is a core aspect of philanthropy. If we want to tackle the world’s largest issues, we need technologies and ideas to emerge that offer new solutions.

Musk yields great wealth, but his superpower is his influence.
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Right, but if you worked 1/1-12/31 the prior year and that’s the designated bonus period, you earned the bonus.
But people you worked for sold the company and didn’t give you the bonus before they left.
It’s not up to the new owner. That’s life, I suspect for some they should be thankful they have a job maybe still they may not have a job.
If the NY times publishes an article that say AZjeff has done something bad (and you didn't) then you can sue them in court for damages to your reputation. Its called slander and its quite well defined. Free speech referenced in the constitution is political speech. You can't publicly say anything you want about anyone at anytime. The Sandy Hook parents were just awarded billions because a radio host kept saying the sandy hook killings didn't occur. He tried hiding behind free speech but the court ruled otherwise. You can't yell fire in a crowded theater, and you can't spread lies with impunity.

Twitter and other internet forums are protected against lawsuits because there considered the "public forum" in which these discussions take place. So while you could sue someone for what they post on Twitter - you can't sue twitter - because there the public square so to speak.

However when they start moderating or suppressing the information in the square based on their own beliefs they have now become the arbiters of the information. They don't simply say you can't talk politics - they allow political speech, but suppress some stories and highlight others. Therefore there now no longer the public square, there journalists. And journalists can and are often sued.

That's the difference many don't understand.

If they want to be journalists that is 100% there right, but then they shouldn't be protected by the special laws that protect public forums. Congress agrees actually, and both parties have been talking about modifying these laws - there woefully out of date.
Actually, when it’s in print, it’s libel.

And on that note, as we skirt the edge of politics over and over, it’s lock Time.
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